Robert Halfon on The Sue Gray report: “I am glad the Prime Minister has apologised.  But if our governance does not dramatically improve.. I will have reached the end of the road.”

News / Thu 26th May 2022 at 07:23am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has issued a statement following the publication of the Sue Gray report into partying at Downing Street during lockdown.

Mr Halfon said: “Like many Harlow residents, I am disgusted at the revelations from the Sue Gray inquiry about what has gone on in Downing Street.

“The late-night drinking, the so-called parties, and the rudeness to decent and hard-working security and cleaning staff is beyond sickening.

“What is worse, is that the officials named are the ones responsible for framing the rules which forced us into harsh and legally binding lockdowns, and cancelled Christmas in 2020 at such short notice. So many suffered hardship by not being able to see their loved ones. Like many other shielded people (because of having cerebral palsy and asthma), I stayed at home for many months, obeying the letter of the law.

“Although I consistently campaigned against school closures for most students, and voted against vaccine passports, I did vote for lockdown measures. It is a decision I will regret for the rest of my days. Especially since it is now clear that there was a belief at the heart of the Government that the severity of these lockdown laws was either unnecessary or simply did not apply to them. 

“The fact is that lockdowns and school closures for the majority of students, hugely damaged people’s lives, livelihoods, education and their mental health and wellbeing. 

“Whether the Prime Minister was at these parties or not, or whether or not he was just fined once for a surprise birthday party is immaterial. Under his watch, laws were routinely broken, the Queen was disrespected, and Downing Street cleaners and security guards were sneered at. This revolts me and flies in the face of everything I believe in – especially with regard to how we behave towards, and treat those from all walks of life. 

“Like Harlow residents, I feel let down and disappointed. I have been a supporter of the Prime Minister and am by nature, a loyal Conservative. 

“Of course, I praise and thank Boris for beating Jeremy Corbyn, for delivering Brexit, for the extraordinary roll-out of the Covid vaccine programme, and for his global leadership and support for Ukraine in the ongoing conflict. At least the Government’s military and humanitarian support make one proud to be British. 

“However, the Prime Minister now has a mountain to climb to win back my trust, and that of the people of Harlow, and across the UK.

“I do worry about the prospect of a leadership election distracting us all for many weeks in the midst of a triple whammy of critical issues including dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic, a cost of living crisis, and the war in Ukraine. As such, I am not calling for one. The priority must, must, must be to help people substantially deal with the cost of living.

“I am glad the Prime Minister has apologised.  But if our governance does not dramatically improve, and fast, I will have reached the end of the road.”

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14 Comments for Robert Halfon on The Sue Gray report: “I am glad the Prime Minister has apologised.  But if our governance does not dramatically improve.. I will have reached the end of the road.”:

David Hughes
2022-05-26 07:56:05

Honour is something you lack. So resign, all of you. I for one like many others will never vote again. You have let the people who pay your wages down

2022-05-26 08:07:04

We do not pay their wages, they take their wages.

gary roberts
2022-05-26 08:16:22

Is Brexit done? No. Leaving was the start and even that is disastrous for business and the young. When will "levelling up" start in Harlow? Another set of warm words will not help people in this town in fuel and food poverty or facing destitution. This is a tired and worthless government led by a five star liar but is still in post: Why?

Brian Wilson
2022-05-26 08:28:25

Better the idiot you know it could be some other idiot that could Sell our country behind your back , Boris hasn't. We should look else where LIKE THE BANK OF ENGLAND, This is why our cost of living has gone up to 11.1, there is a easy solution to pay our Government debt, is to clear the debt and start again.

2022-05-26 08:31:19

So, Robert, when Boris said, "I take full responsibility...", what does that *actually* mean?, in practice? In every other arena I can think of, taking responsibility, even for a single incident of bad behaviour, *let alone for* a string of incidents, a culture of smirking rule-breaking, and a workplace that was habitually toxic towards the service staff, would come with repercussions. And the more serious, persistent or habitual those issues were, the more serious would be be the consequences. So, Robert, what are the consequences? From where I'm sitting, Boris' words look like just another attempt to deflect criticism and *shirk* responsibility. He doesn't have a clue what true contrition or genuine responsibility are.

2022-05-26 10:27:12

It shouldn't have been hard for Boris Johnson to run an office without frequent and flagrant breaches of the law, especially given that he and his government made the law, but it seems he wasn't up to the task. If he can't control a situation where he makes all the rules, how am I supposed to believe he can adequately deal with issues where he doesn't, like the cost of living crisis? A few weeks of leadership campaigning would be disruptive, but the alternative is that we carry on with a prime minister who sets his own homework and still fails it spectacularly. If Robert doesn't believe that any of his hundreds of colleagues could do much better than that, then we're in serious trouble indeed.

Steven Harknett
2022-05-26 10:30:38

Harry S Trueman never wanted to be President and famously had on his desk a sign which read the nuck stops here. Johnson is a product of his entitled background and rhat combined with his own character flaws means he sees everything as a manoeuvre. When Johnson leaves do you believe he will spend one moment reflecting on his failures? No, not at all, it will go down as just another box ticked off on the C.V.

Steven Harknett
2022-05-26 11:23:14

You are a politician Robert you suck on the teat of power. Re read your statement consider the language you used and then reflect on its incomgruency when examined in accordance with the lack of penal action you so patently choose not to enact. Words like disgust are merely used to try to suppress anger rather than evoke natural action from those witnessing or suffering from the events perpetrated by Johnson. It is disingenuous to claim to be a loyal anything. Loyalty has limits. It cannot be used to condone wrong doing. That kind of skewed thinking is what leads to tyrannies. What you should say Robert if you had a properly formed consciemce is that Johnson was responsible and therefore, he has to resign and demonstrate integrity and a true repentance.

2022-05-26 14:54:09

Mr Halfon, I always thought an MPs loyalty was first and foremost to his constituents. When Boris says he thought he was attending a work event he is either incredibly stupid or simply lying, both of which make him unsuitable to lead our country. If you can't see that then I can't see how you can expect to be re-elected.

Don't vote for me
2022-05-26 17:14:40

Robert, as you think that Johnson has a mountain to climb to win back your trust (and seriously he has a reputation for not being trustworthy) would it not be better to replace him with someone you can already trust. I would also like to make a point which I haven't seen covered-there has to be a strong presumption that so many people together would have spread Covid leading to illness and possibly hospitalization and death, all of which put work and strain on others. Don't you feel concern that that may have happened. The responsibility surely goes beyond simple rule breaking

Steve Robinson
2022-05-26 19:24:57

Robert, I have voted for you at every opportunity since you were first elected. My wife too. However you cannot expect our support again until the mendacious, amoral leader of your party is removed. We cannot bring ourselves to vote for others but until Johnson goes, we will be staying at home on election day.

2022-05-27 09:56:23

Encouraging to see your prepared to criticise Boris but words are not enough what is required is ACTION ! This man has had enough chances but continues to lie, underperform and isn’t fit for the job. What additional gaffs does he have to display before you come off the fence and do the right thing and put constituents and country before Party ?

2022-05-28 06:11:30

The opposition Parties want Johnson out because he's a winner. Tory MPs want him to stay for the same reason. This whole Partygate thing is not what people should be focusing on if they want to criticise this Conservative government. A much bigger scandal for me is the invasion of male foreign immigrants arriving illegally in their thousands every week - and being put into camps around England & Wales. Quite often in or near lovely villages where they are allowed to roam freely. It's something I've written to Mr Halfon about to ask for his opinion. I didn't get a reply. I'll consider that when he next asks for my vote. Other people should do the same for matters that are important to them.

2022-05-28 08:48:01

The government are totally inept and totally corrupt through and through. Just yesterday in an act of more corruption the ministerial code was changed to lessen scrutiny of MP's and to avoid folk being given the sack for bad behaviour.. another story that has been attempted to be buried under the new fuel allowances news. You know that this is the behaviour of dictators right? We have an idiot, lying leader who treats the British public with disdain who is either lies about parties or is so utterly stupid that he didn't realise he was at a party. Either way he should go. Any Tory MP worth his salt would submit a vote of no confidence, so Mr Halfon, have you the nerve to vote no confidence for the good of the party and the country?

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