GriefLine is here to support bereaved people across West Essex and East Herts

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GRIEFLINE (01279 945089) is a local resource offering much-needed emotional support, across West Essex and East Herts, to anyone struggling with their grief around the loss of someone.

GriefLine operates from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. It is run by a team of St Clare staff and volunteers, trained to deliver emotional support to those who are struggling with their grief.

Anyone who has experienced a loss, whether recently or in the past, is welcome to call GriefLine. No previous connection to St Clare Hospice is required to access support.

What can GriefLine offer you?

·        Talk to a trained volunteer offering emotional support and a listening ear

·        Talk about your grief in a safe and confidential space, with someone who understands what you’re going through

·        Get help accessing other services and local community resources

Fiona Venus, Bereavement Support Services Manager at St Clare, said: “Grief affects everyone differently, and it is normal to feel overwhelmed after the death of someone. But you do not have to struggle with your grief, alone. At GriefLine we understand that there are stages to grief, but as individuals we all move through them differently, and grief is not always a linear experience.”

“People often say to me that grief comes in waves. It can feel like you are doing ‘ok’ when all of a sudden, intense feelings of loss and sadness can well back up. It might be because today is the anniversary of your wife’s death; or you heard your brother’s favourite song on the radio; or Father’s Day is approaching and this is the first year without your Dad. Whatever the reason, if you just feel like you need someone to talk to about your feelings around the death of someone, we are here to listen, offering a non-judgemental space.”

If you would like to speak to someone about the loss of someone, no matter how long ago you were bereaved, the number to call is 01279 945089. GriefLine is free to call, though charges may apply in line with your standard network rate.

For more information on GriefLine, visit: griefline.co.uk

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