Robert Halfon welcomes opening of Junction 7a of M11

News / Fri 10th Jun 2022 at 08:14am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon was delighted to cut the ribbon to mark the opening of Junction 7a of the M11 in Harlow.

YH understands that the new junction will be open to use on Friday evening (possibly 2100hrs).

Mr Halfon said: “Back in 2007, before I was first elected as the Member of Parliament, I started a campaign called ‘Fed Up with Harlow Traffic’. The purpose of this campaign was to get an extra road junction built for our town to help ease the traffic gridlock whenever there is an accident or roadworks of any kind.

“Not only will this junction help to ease the flow of traffic, it will boost Harlow’s economy by unlocking thousands more jobs and homes, and by bringing even more business investment into our town.

“I would like to thank Cllr Michael Garnett, Cllr Michael Hardware, Cllr Eddie Johnson and Cllr Clive Souter from Harlow County County in addition to Essex County Council for their ongoing support, and the developers, the GRAHAM Group who have bucked the trend of all building contracts and have managed to finish this gargantuan task two months ahead of schedule.

“A total of £81 million has been invested into this project since it first began and I am delighted that the new 7A Junction will open tomorrow. It is at the heart of our Levelling Up agenda, building an even better Harlow through creating more development, investment and prosperity”.

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14 Comments for Robert Halfon welcomes opening of Junction 7a of M11:

2022-06-10 09:20:46

Now is the time to put a 7.5t weight limit on through roads in Harlow meaning access to Templefields and the Pinnacles is via a414 rather than through the town

2022-06-10 09:23:49

Watching the video: what a load of bunkham and misguided hope. According to Essex's own figures 70 % increase in traffic on Gilden Way! But more to the point how many social houses could have been built using the money wasted on this project which just feeds more traffic into the east of the town, hitting new bottle necks as more people commute to the Science Park and across town to the new public health England Laboratories. Add to that traffic from 10000 homes from East Herts Gilston Estate and future development at Hatfield Heath. The strategy and transport plans pursued by Essex CC for Harlow Roads has been flawed since they built the M11 on the wrong side of town and millions upon millions have been wasted.

Harlow Citizen
2022-06-10 10:25:22

Building social houses everywhere is not the solution. Money is not wasted on constructing Junction 7a of M11. It will ease the traffic gridlock.

2022-06-10 10:25:24

It’s a pity these MPs didn’t consider us residents who live in close proximity to Gilden Way . They didn’t have to endure the noise fumes & dust & noise constantly even at weekends & overnight when they closed the road for five weekend . And the rudeness of one of Graham’s construction workers. We were the last to have the fences erected & being told Numerous times they were having trouble sourcing the panels yet they erected them further up by the allotments. We have broken kerbstones all along our part of the road where myself & neighbour have had to replace tyres. It looks like a disused building site . But hey ho these councillor’s don’t have to look out at that everyday !!

2022-06-10 14:10:50

Harlow Citizen: the proof of the pudding....Traffic will simply block at the Mark Hall Roundabout A414. The "improvements" over the years have simply moved the point of blockage and source of gridlock.

Misery Guts
2022-06-10 16:00:25

Honestly you can't please anyone these day. These comments. I swear you could put £10 through everyones letterbox, and people would complain it wasn't £20

2022-06-10 16:06:14

Shame no one can afford to drive due to the conservative governments

2022-06-10 16:51:17

Like everyone that lives in Harlow I hope so very much the new junction helps only time will tell and we shall know in a matter of weeks. As for jobs and homes that may or may not come much later but let’s be honest a tube connection or tram to Epping linking the new hospital and town would have been far more transformative and probably not far of the same cost.

2022-06-10 17:56:00

Living in Newhall, for me it’s fab that I can get to Stansted airport quicker through the new junction. As a frequent traveller it will make it sooooo much easier by for me and my family. :-).. And yes it will ease the A414 traffic into and out of Harlow. This NEEDED to be done! Harlow is getting so popular with more people moving and working these ways, there needs to be more ways in and out of the town! Brilliantly done. However, some people are so difficult to please! They mon about the congestion... Yet there’s an alternative route-but it’s leading to moaning from others about how / where this route is placed…. Can’t please everyone I suppose.

Jasper carrot
2022-06-10 19:06:53

What planet does the Harlow Citizen live on Or are u retired

Trevor pledge
2022-06-10 21:03:24

Seriously waste of tax payers money tunnel vision from council it’s just robin Peter to pay Paul it’s it could of gone on repairs not going to ease traffic on the 414 as it’s main artery I can only see some people will welcome it but not the majority still won’t make much difference in Harlow just because the amount of traffic on the the roads just another gridlock waiting to happen and more expense to us the taxpayers £81 million could of gone on repairing the roads total joke I should change profession become MP money for old rope

Daniel Long
2022-06-11 07:58:54

I have read the of the comments about the new junction 7A, some are positive and some are negative.To those who are not in favour of this new junction, i bet you all drive in and out of Harlow throughout the week or at the weekend, causes congestion in the Town. In my opinion, This is one of the best investments and construction for Harlow residents and Harlow as well as the for the residents who live in the surrounding areas. All that is needed now is a new hospital.

Kim Oconnor
2022-06-11 10:28:55

How many old trees ripped up. How many habitat destroyed. So much land covered in concrete. Roads going right passed people property s. Try telling the people that live there after a couple of years of this traffic and pollution what's it like. All because they want us to get from A to B quickly. Like in Harlow, they want to destroy our river stort, so we can be all connected up, by putting a 4 lane road right through it, so we can all pass through quickly. When does it stop, when, 6,000 signatures against this, but it passed because public opinion s don't matter any more. When does it stop . Build, build , build, till all our true villages are surrounded like church gate street, and the loss of identity in our town and villages know longer exist. Labour and conservatives have said frequently that we are following the plans of sir Frederick Gibberd, this of course is such a great big lie, he built Harlow with green spaces in mind. I don't know about you , but I care so deeply about our green spaces, for our wellbeing, which of course theses councils talk so much about, but ignore our need for green spaces so badly, by destroying it in abundance. But hay hoo you can all get to where your going so much quicker, we will see. When we flood, which Harlow is doing now, perhaps theses greedy councils and government will say a bridge to far , for Harlow. Watch this space.

2022-06-11 14:13:54

Mixed comments here but have to say overall positive from myself. Have already used the road to drive to Stansted from NewHall. My only concern is what will happen to the gridlock at mark hall roundabout in the mornings. Guess we shall see..

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