Revamped paddling pool set to make a splash this summer in Staple Tye

Lifestyle / Tue 21st Jun 2022 am30 11:31am

CONSTRUCTION work is well under way over at Staple Tye paddling pool to transform it into a new splash park and paddling pool facility for families.

When complete it will be the first hybrid facility of its kind in the town providing an amazing new facility for Staple Tye families and families across the town. Construction works begun in March and are on course to be completed in time for the start of the paddling pool season in July 2022.

The larger pool is being converted into a splash park and the smaller pool will be kept as a paddling area, with the addition of some water features.

The layout will include several new features including water arcs, water jets and blasts, water curtains and streaming showers. New, brightly coloured, non-slip flooring is being installed, with artificial grass surrounding the updated facility as well as update perimeter fencing.

Accessibility improvements for residents will also be made including enhanced steps, new ramped approaches and 9 new, modern perimeter benches.

New plant equipment will make the facility more energy efficient and cheaper to run, and there will be no standing water left in the pool overnight meaning it can be thoroughly cleaned before the following day’s opening.

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9 Comments for Revamped paddling pool set to make a splash this summer in Staple Tye:

2022-06-21 13:16:45

Looks good but so did the one they put in at potter street. Took away a lovely paddling pool that was used all day in the summer and replaced with a couple water sprays that the kids get bored with after 10 mins

2022-06-21 15:08:09

Looks great but couldn’t the budget be put to better use running the existing pools more efficiently and keeping them open longer eg. not just the 6 wk school holidays? We often have beautiful weather outside of this period and plenty of preschool children who would make use of the paddling pools throughout June for example! The splash park in bishops stortford is open and always so popular & well used. I walk past the empty Harlow Town Park paddling pool everyday and on sunny days think how sad I can’t enjoy it with my daughter yet, and once it opens we may well have weeks of bad weather rendering it useless anyway! Look forward to using this but shame it will only be for such a limited time period and then redundant the rest of the year!

2022-06-21 17:16:38

Aretey also doing the play area next tomthis as in real.need of tlc as a danger to kids so many hazards in park area

Martin Dear
2022-06-21 17:51:53

The people of Harlow spoke in their thousands when I started a petition as the plan for splash parks was announced, that they wanted the paddling pools kept as paddling pools. There then followed a consultation period where the overwhelming response again was that the padding pools were what was wanted. Why are Harlow Council ignoring the wishes of the residents of this town? No more splash parks after this one!!

2022-06-21 19:52:45

Sadly the paddling pools were vandalised in the evenings and broken bottles found in pools. Dogs allowed to enter the pools. Hopefully the splash parks will be safer and cleaner.

Lee Webber
2022-06-21 22:14:08

Martin Dear.....not everybody necessarily wants a Skate park, but there are plenty in the town that do. Ive no interest in it, but I can see how popular it is. My point is, some people wanted splash parks, so by changing 1 at least gives people a choice. I have seen one in Stevenage, and it was very well used. I hope it does prove to be popular, and then maybe ask people's opinions again about further developments. Paddling pools are only used during summer holidays, and we all know what happens to the weather then!!!!! I'm not saying this will happen, but was given the impression the splash parks can be used more frequently, and don't have to be Supervised.

2022-06-22 06:58:16

So where are the toilet facilities to go with this.Back to kids pissing and shitting in the bushes again all summer

Karen bassett
2022-06-22 07:34:24

Please open this splash park from april not just 6 weeks of year when its to busy to take small ones in x toilets should be available too x as be busy attraction !

Michael Boyd
2022-06-22 18:27:05

How much did they invest in the new splash park (paddling pool)? Looks good though can’t wait to have a look at it.

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