Hatfield Heath residents battle to prevent demolition of historic POW camp

Communities / Wed 22nd Jun 2022 at 10:17am

HATFIELD Heath residents are continuing their battle to prevent the demolition of a number of Prisoners of War Camps in the area.

A new application has been lodged with Uttlesford District Council for the demolition of 10 of the POW Camp 116 buildings for the development of 10 new houses and the restoration of eight huts to be used as holiday accommodation.

The camps have a strong link with Harlow as there were men who settled in the area.

A spokesperson said: “Although some of the camp huts will be retained, the restoration will leave unrecognisable as POW huts and the history will be gone for good along side the other effects yet another development will have on the village.

“I call yet again for your support in opposing this planning application.

“We have until the 23rd of June to object.

“I would like to urge you to review the application on Uttlesford District Council’s website and lodge your objections.

Website address is:


Reference number is UTT/22/1261/FUL

Alternatively please email: [email protected] quoting the reference above, the site address which is Land To The West Of Mill Lane Hatfield Heath and your name and address.

You can also object in writing stating the information above to Planning, Uttlesford District Council, London Road, Saffron Walden, CB11 4ER

YH went to Mill Lane to speak to Niki Champion and David Parish.

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8 Comments for Hatfield Heath residents battle to prevent demolition of historic POW camp:

2022-06-22 10:50:00

So according to the link it is a heritage asset instated by Uttlesford council yet they now want to tear it down in the name of profit, Best of luck in your quest. https://www.dunmowbroadcast.co.uk/news/pow-camp-116-heritage-asset-listed-7918784

2022-06-22 15:51:36

I would like to open them up again, plenty of 'customers' in Harlow, most outside Witherspoons

Katrina mcaleer
2022-06-22 17:21:24

Keep it as it is.. its history.. they should make so we could all visit it so our kids and grandkids will learn the history and understand what happened in those dreadful years

Deborah Holmes
2022-06-24 09:23:39

Do the council have nothing better to do? This was successfully stopped despite the owner being wealthy. The council did not consult their own Heritage or conservation officers until locals campaigned. This went to planning appeal and refused!! A classic case of overstaffed council departments with too much time on their hands.

Wendy Carter
2022-06-24 10:47:45

This is one of the few POW camps in the UK an should be preserved for future generations. Profit and greed should not succeed!!!

Andrew Martin
2022-06-27 08:10:13

Standard built prisoner of war camps are few and far between and must be saved. Camps like these occupied by thousands of German and Italian pows mostly conscripted to go to war can you image leaving their love one behind. It's part of their history and ours, to lose these camps would be a a great loss, and for the memories of those held in these camps should be saved for generations to come.

Jennifer Steadman
2022-06-28 13:00:21

These buildings are a part of history!! Restore them into museums!!!

Jayne Vermeulen
2022-11-22 00:22:33

My mum and two brothers and me stayed in the camp we were homeless along with other family's we had nothing our room was cold no carpets just concrete and breeze block walls that only went up as high as the bunk beds where we all slept I remember the wire around the camp and the core gated roof and the wire cages where mum kept our food it had a padlock so no one could steel our food. I felt cold and sad it was noisy there and we could see over the wall into the next room with a fa.ily in there .we were called names as we walked along the canal to school flee bags they called us because we lived in that camp we were very poor .mum kept looking in the lady magazine for a housekeeping job with accommodation and she got one in winthrith with a thatched cottage belonging to a famous sculptures miss muntz .we went to live there it was the best time of my life .it lasted 3 years was then 10

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