By-election: Labour’s win back ward of Bush Fair from Tories

Elections / Thu 23rd Jun 2022 at 10:47pm

HARLOW Labour has gained the seat of Bush Fair in Harlow.

Kay Morrison won by a majority of 112 votes.

The by-election was called after the Conservative councillor for the ward quit after just four days due to the racist material on his social media accounts.

Labour lost in May and had lost in May 2021 so will be buoyed by this result and will see it as an important stepping stone on the path back to power.

YH spoke to an ebullient Councillor Kay Morrison after the return.

Result: June 2022

Emma Ghaffari                  Conservative Party : 482 (38%)

Kay Morrison                     Labour and Co-Operative Party: 594: (47%)

Jennifer Steadman          The Green Party: 106 (8.4%)

Nicholas Taylor                 Harlow Alliance Party: 76 (6%)

Maj: 112

Votes Cast: 1261

Turnout: 22.97%



Previous Results: May 2022

Marco Lorenzini (Conservative): 678: 44.7%

Kay Morrison (Labour): 674: 44.5%

Jennifer Steadman (Green): 116: 7.6%

William Tennison (Lib Dem): 46: 3.03%

Cons Gain

Majority: 4

Turnout: 27.64%

Previous Results: 2021

Previous Results: 2019

Previous Results: 2018 By-Election

Labour: Jodi Dunne: 543 (45.0%)
Conservative: Andreea Hardware: 460 (38.1%)
UKIP: Anita Long: 103 (8.5%)
Harlow Alliance Party: Nicholas Taylor: 63
Lib Dem: Lesley Rideout: 39 (3.2%)


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5 Comments for By-election: Labour’s win back ward of Bush Fair from Tories:

David Forman
2022-06-23 23:22:52

Now Kay Morrison can get on with the job of injecting some much needed professionalism into Chris Vince's Labour Group.

Laurence shatford
2022-06-24 07:56:10

Laurence shatford I vote labour I'm a care person get 69 pound a week to live on..deasel getting dear and food.. .we're disabled getting no help....have to pay for care...

Laurence shatford
2022-06-24 07:57:23

Laurence shatford government don't care about people .. homeless ..

2022-06-24 07:58:59

20% turn out the only thing to take from it is most people are fed up with politics and politicians.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-06-24 19:16:38

I would like to thank those of you in the Bush Fair Ward who voted for me last Thursday. It is such a shame that so many people are disillusioned by politicians and politics and therefore don't take the trouble to vote. By not doing so, nothing will change, both main Parties are at total odds with each other, wedded as they are with the politics of Westminster. Nicholas Taylor, Leader of the Harlow Alliance Party.

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