Letter to Editor: A pensioner’s experience at Lister House

General / Fri 24th Jun 2022 pm30 12:53pm

Dear Editor,

I am a 66 year old disabled and vulnerable man. I live with my 80 year old wife, who is also vulnerable.

Through the pandemic and beyond, I have had so many frustrations with the way that Lister House is run.

The initial nightmare just getting through to them on the phone, if you are lucky you will get through and be number 25 in the waiting queue.

When you eventually get through, no matter how hard you try, you will not get a face to face appointment with your GP.

One time, when I got through after trying all morning to get through, the receptionist said she had been on the phone to a care home for an hour, that’s why I couldn’t get through!

There’s supposed to be sixteen people manning the phones?

The receptionist reads off of a script, and tells you an out of hours doctor will you in a week or so, and he’ll determine if you need to be seen. I’ve had this situation several times, and IF the doctor rings you, and he understands you need to see your GP, he tells you to ring the surgery and make an appointment!

So I ring the surgery, and I’m told I can’t see a doctor face to face, i can get a call from an out of hours doctor, every time! I’ve been quite ill, and have oncology issues and more, and all I get, like everyone else, is fobbed off, and they hope you just go away, stop bothering them.

A few weeks ago, i decided to make an effort to go into the surgery to make an appointment at the desk, but they were closed for dinner! Unbelievable, they have no staff so they can’t split lunch break times. I waited u til they opened again, and asked the strange receptionist for a face to face appointment with my GP, no chance.

Reading from the script I got the same old story about out of hours doctors ringing me. I did get verbally loud, and said about the GP’s here earning £83K a year, and never hear. I got nowhere.

Another elderly, frail man, was having a row about the same thing with another receptionist. Two receptionists, no doctors.

Eventually, one receptionist listened to me, and saw that the doctor had put on the notes that I needed to see a GP.

This next bit made me so angry and made me feel embarrassed.

She called out to the receptionist I was talking with, ( we were in the waiting room with others ) “Oh, Mr Conyard has got a very bad rash, and needs to see the doctor! “.

Everyone sniggered, I was fuming!

The state of this place is so poor, nobody seems interested in helping you. It’s disgraceful.

I wonder how many people have actually died because they got no help at all from this place.

I think the governing bodies need to clear all of the staff from here, all of them, and train up people to care about the patients and enjoy their jobs.

Editor’s Note

We have contacted Lister House and parent agencies to give them the right to reply on a number of issues. Were await their reply.

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4 Comments for Letter to Editor: A pensioner’s experience at Lister House:

2022-06-25 07:59:31

This is why a&e is so overwhelmed!

2022-06-25 08:57:33

The problem is that there are so many surgeries in the same position, the system needs a rethink, perhaps the surgeries need to cease to be essentially private business contracted to the nhs and all run under the nhs, staffed by employees of the nhs and most importantly better funded. It's clear the current strategy for surgeries doesn't work.

David Forman
2022-06-25 17:37:49

Lister House surgery is part of Stellar Healthcare Ltd, a private limited company incorporated on 3 March, 2014. Stellar's Vision states: "Championing excellence in patient care and grass roots general practice." Stellar Healthcare's Code of Conduct for All staff states: "Maintain confidentiality at all times." Stellar's Complaints & Comments Procedure says that complaints should be made within 12 months of the incident and ideally in writing. Stellar will acknowledge the complaint in writing within 3 working days and provide a written response within 20 working days. They will also inform you of your right to escalate to the Health Service Ombudsman if you are not happy with their response. You will need to write to: Anna Beeston, Complaints Manager, Building 1, Spencer Close, St Margaret's Hospital, The Plain, Epping, CM16 6TN. You can see the two mentioned Stellar Healthcare's policies at: http://stellarhealthcare.net/images/policies/ComplaintsCommentsProcedure.doc http://stellarhealthcare.net/images/policies/CodesofConduct.doc

2022-07-02 08:57:11

I get same reply from nuffield house surgery at the stow. Like "nostradamus" said on top. The system Need s a full overhaul. You work all your life, pay your dues, and once you're a pensioner you can't see a doctor face to face. I am waiting for knee replacements (have been waiting for years and years) just been diagnosed with low grade Lymphomas. Hips are dodgy. Lump on my left thigh getting bigger. AND still i cannot get a face to face.

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