Homelessness in Harlow rises by 50% in a year

Charity / Wed 29th Jun 2022 at 06:31am

STREETS2HOMES, (the Harlow-based homeless charity), today announced that there has been a significant rise in the number of registered homeless adults in Harlow.  According to the latest data from HM Government’s Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities, from October to December 2021 there were 90 registered homeless adults in Harlow (compared with 26 in nearby Brentwood and 38 in Uttlesford)[1] .  In the same period in 2020, there were 60 registered homeless adults in Harlow[2].

Streets2Homes (founded in 2007) incorporates a day centre in Harlow, which provides local homeless adults with a place to access housing advice from a team of trained staff.  Other services include assistance to secure accommodation, social contact, training and well-being sessions, employment advice, health services, washing facilities, food, clothing, general guidance and support. 

The charity has now invested in a marketing and awareness project, with local agency sarahBee marketing ltd (www.sarahbeemarketing.com).  The project will raise awareness of the work of Streets2Homes and encourage much-needed donations and funding.

Kerrie Eastman  a Spokesperson for Street2Homes commented: “Sadly, we are not surprised that homelessness has increased over the past year.  We want to make people aware of us and our work.  We chose sarahBee marketing to deliver the project, because of the company’s experience and expertise in the third sector.  As a charity, we rely on funding and volunteers, so investing in marketing will significantly raise our profile in a positive way.  We also want to educate the public about homelessness.  For example, rough-sleeping is only one aspect of homelessness, which also includes ‘sofa surfing’ and being in temporary accommodation e.g. B&Bs and hostels – these are the ‘hidden homeless’ and, as such, are not represented in statistics, so the actual homeless figure will be much higher.”   

The marketing and awareness project incorporates a new brand, website, social media activity, videos, case studies, marketing templates, PR and media engagement.  The project will be completed by winter 2022.

Preventing homelessness remains a key priority both nationally and across the district. It is vital to prioritise the needs of society’s most vulnerable and Streets2Homes plays an important role in this.  The causes of homelessness are complex and not only relate to housing and finance but also mental and physical health, addictions, relationships, culture, work, education and training.   Addressing homelessness now can avoid higher costs for local services in the future.  

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5 Comments for Homelessness in Harlow rises by 50% in a year:

David Summerville
2022-06-29 09:01:34

Sad inditement that this is happening in our town in 2022--and it seems to be getting worse--shame on those who govern and society in general that this has been allowed to happen.

Moaning murtle
2022-06-29 11:54:13

The sad thing is that this doesn't come as a surprise. This town is a rundown shambles. It's been forgotten and only used as London overspill.

2022-06-29 14:58:59


Mr Grumpy
2022-06-30 08:59:39

Why is there not a section in the Human Rights act where people have the right to a home? Just saying.

Mr Smith
2022-07-02 22:32:03

That figure is ridiculous no way it's gone up more down please speak the truth

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