Opportunity Harlow: Making the most out of social media

Business / Tue 5th Jul 2022 am31 06:31am

Social Media specialist using Opportunity Harlow network to create local connections and grow business

Introducing Pinned Social. This week Opportunity Harlow caught up with Lianne Harris, Pinterest Expert and Social Media Manager.

Tell us about your business

My business is called Pinned Social. It is a Pinterest and social media management company. I help small businesses raise awareness of their products or services via social media – specifically using the Pinterest platform.

Frequently I meet small business owners that have too many tasks to juggle on a daily basis so are keen to outsource their social media marketing. That enables them to use their skills in other areas of their business. It also means that they don’t need to keep up with all the social media changes as someone else is taking care of it for them.

I can create social media and Pinterest content in much less time than it would take a small business with limited social media skills, so it makes sense for them to outsource, and in the long run they’ll see a return on their investment.

For the full interview, click below.

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