Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak quit – throwing PM Boris Johnson’s future into doubt

General / Tue 5th Jul 2022 pm31 07:10pm

RISHI Sunak and Sajid Javid have dramatically resigned from the cabinet in what appeared to be a coordinated move, throwing the prime minister’s future in doubt reports The Guardian.

Boris Johnson apologised on Tuesday evening, for appointing Chris Pincher as deputy chief whip, despite belatedly admitting having known that Pincher was found to have behaved inappropriately in 2019.

In their resignation letters, both men pointed to a lack of grip in Downing Street, with Sunak saying the public expected government to be conducted, “properly, competently and seriously”.

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We have invited Harlow MP Robert Halfon to comment.

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10 Comments for Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak quit – throwing PM Boris Johnson’s future into doubt:

Bert puttocks
2022-07-05 19:13:37

Bye bye Boris 🙋‍♂️

Tony Edwards
2022-07-05 20:44:59

It’s make your mind up time Robert - no more sitting on the fence!

2022-07-05 21:15:02

Maybe RH will give Boris yet another "one last chance" - the fourth or fifth last chance, I've lost count.

2022-07-05 22:09:22

Time to come out with a straight answer Mr Halfon - Do you support Boris Johnson and this government or don't you?

James Leppard
2022-07-05 23:26:42

I do not believe anybody is saying that the Prime Minister is a paragon of virtue. The point that should be of concern is that even in these genuinely adverse times, the Labour opposition is completely lacking and fails to present a credible alternative as evidenced in recent local and national by-election results.

2022-07-06 07:46:04

Whatever happens we as a nation must not lose focus in driving support for the Ukraine. Our "domestics" pale into insignificance compared to war.

James Leppard
2022-07-06 08:11:15

Nostradamus makes a sound point. This is the greatest threat to Europe since WW2. The inflationary crisis is a global issue. We should not lose context.

2022-07-06 08:30:15

The people voted in a prime minister that is not popular with the establishment( I know we vote for the party, but the labour red wall voted for Boris in the north) And the establishment have been doing their utmost to get him out since. While I think he is a buffoon, democracy will be further undermined if he is forced out like this, and even less people will vote in future, which in turn will create a more dis functional society. It spells bad news for us all if the public vote one thing and in elected people behind the scene’s overturn that decision. Just look at the mess brexit has become just because everyone in government did not get behind the vote. Remember these people work for us.

peter henegan
2022-07-06 08:47:15

Theman-43.6% voted for the Conservatives in 2019, presumably the other 56.4 % wanted someone else as leader. As for Brexit, perhaps this would have been less of a mess if due process had been suspended during the pandemic James Leppard/Nostradamus I agree with the importance of Ukraine but do not understand why we/Nato/EU whatever are not actually fighting the Russians. Our forces would have overwhelming superiority.

2022-07-06 10:29:45

I was not passing opinion on the benefits of Johnson or brexit, just the fact that it was the democratic decision, and allowing non democratic means to change things is ultimately a bad thing. Remember the numbers you quote above. The next election will see even less people vote for the winner, which means whoever wins will have even less support from the population at large. Generally only about 35% of the population vote and this shows how disengaged the majority are with things.

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