Harlow Museum exhibition celebrates 75 years of music in the town

Harlow is 75: A Celebration of Global Harlow / Sun 10th Jul 2022 at 10:05am

THERE is a fascinating exhibition at Harlow Museum which chronicles the history of live music in the town.

Live music was the life blood of the town for many years. Now it appears to be on life support.

So our interview with music promoter Adam Smith was divided in to two parts: A look back at the music highlighted in the exhibition and then a call to arms. What can be done to bring music back to life in Harlow.

Details of the exhibition can be found below.

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5 Comments for Harlow Museum exhibition celebrates 75 years of music in the town:

juile white
2022-07-10 16:45:26

go adam top man

2022-07-11 05:47:33

Hopefully young local musicians can still find some outlet to explore their talents in Harlow. Does the local college still have a dedicated musical course available to interested students?👍🤔☺️

Kevin Jones
2022-07-11 10:53:35

As Adam says, the Square closed five years ago. This was because the landowners, allegedly, wanted to build affordable housing on the site. What's there now after five land-banking years? A temporary car park! Pure cultural vandalism at it's worse

Rock on johnny
2022-07-11 16:35:35

Was the square being used less hence the sell off?.. Harlows still got pub bands and the odd park bandstand knees up... fireworks..COVID permitting and carnivals some young 'uns still like trying their luck in bands But you can just bang out your tunes on YouTube no need to play a festival 🤪😍

2022-07-11 20:42:14

@rock on Johnny, No - far from it. It was more popular than ever for both performers and audiences. The same year we were handed out notice by our landlord we were in the top 5 of the NME’s ‘The UK’s best small venue’ competition. The final years of the venue played host to the likes of George Ezra and Declan McKenna - look ‘em up! :-)

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