Affinity Water make further appeal of water use as reserves run low

Communities / Tue 19th Jul 2022 pm31 12:42pm

BECAUSE of the hot weather, many of us are using much more water. This means you may notice lower pressure or no water when demand is higher in your area.

A spokesperson for Anglia Water said: “We want to let you know that we’re on the case and our teams are working around the clock to make sure we get enough water to you and your community.

“There is enough for everyone if we all use only what we need. You can help your community by using less, which will make a big difference, meaning there’s more to go around.

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6 Comments for Affinity Water make further appeal of water use as reserves run low:

2022-07-19 13:28:16

I don't have to be told to use less water by this greedy water company I only have to look at my water bill and that's all the encouragement I need.

2022-07-19 15:00:41

A lot of people are having to have baths because there is not enough pressure for a shower you numpty's.

2022-07-19 15:04:40

We get this every year from these water company's, try storing more water.

2022-07-19 15:41:13

Our Harlow water company (Affinity) is not a British company, its a European/American conglomerate. Our Harlow trains are owned run by a Dutch company (Abellio) Our Harlow busses (Arriva) are owned and run by a German conpany (DB) Our power in Harlow is provided by many different (usually foreign owned) companies. Are we so daft that we actually explect them to give a damn about what service or quality they provide us Brits ? We were mug enough to sell our vital infrastructure to those abroad..... we are noe reaping the consequences. They don't care one jot if we freeze to death, starve, or die from lack of water....... just so long as their profits keep rolling in. Wake up Britain.

2022-07-19 15:47:26

Given how much this awful company charges for water, no one is using more than they need. Why don't you invest some of your profits into improving/adapting infrastructure.

2022-07-20 04:20:29

Derek - you’re right. Since your people voted leave, my profit has gone through the roof. My four businesses in the UK are striving because of less competition, inflation has boosted my intake, and to top it off - the pound is strong against the euro right now, so my trade portfolio will only continue to grow! Power to the EU!

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