Harlow Judo Club: Medals galore at annual invitation champs

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DUE to escalating costs and after 40 years of hiring venues to arrange their annual invitation judo championships, Harlow Judo Club HJC) decided to try a radical new system in their smaller dojo (training hall) in Foldcroft.

Anyone who knows Foldcroft will understand the parking problem in the area, to make matters worse their dojo is set at the back of the estate down a one lane track.

Prior to the invitations going out and because of the location they had major concerns over the success of the proposal.

Their first problem was getting a licence to run the event in Foldcroft from their national governing body (The British judo Association) who have in the past turned them down.

On this occasion they did issue a licence and the invitations went out.

Before the event had been properly published on the BJA website the word had gotten out and the event filled very quickly. They were having to reject entries almost from the start.

HJC spokesperson Mick Ellis said: “As the event was run in our own club we were able to keep costs down and offer a very competitive entry fee for players.

This was a low grade event with some of the players attending an event for the first time. The official who all volunteered to help out on the day ranged from top class international judo federation referees down to parents being trained for future events.

‘We are very happy to say that all our planning helped make an excellent championship for over 100 players attending from 13 judo clubs from around the country.

The event ran very well, with some feedback from the players, coaches and spectators who attended and a little bit of tweaking we now look forward to making this now our biannual invitation event.

The successful Harlow players were: Lewis Ball, Rowan Webb, Reegan Webb and Christian Timmis all winning gold medals.

The following were all runners up gaining the silver medal.

Zachary Mcalinden, Anvit Jain, Jacob Wright, Edward Timmis, Ionnis Nichistroi and Eryk Anderson.

“Finally with these players all gaining a bronze medal: Dan Macovei, Iyad Aqugebi, Summer Thurgood, Frazer Aiton and Matthew Rivers”.

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2022-07-23 20:43:54

Well done Mick and all your team. Good to see this was a successful tournament.

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