Harlow Alliance Party lead objections to plans for Sherards House

News / Tue 26th Jul 2022 at 08:24am

HARLOW Council has submitted a planning application to demolish Sherards House which is situated along Thee Horseshoes Road and replace it with 14 homes on the site.

Some residents sought help from the Harlow Alliance Party to submit an objection to this plan, in due course some 60 objections were made to the Council.

A spokesperson for the Harlow Alliance Party (HAP) said: “The application follows in the footsteps of many property developers who leave an old building, in this case part of Harlow’s heritage, to fall into disrepair and then demolish it in order to cram new homes on the site.

“This site is simply not suitable for such a development. It is ironic that just a few years ago a resident sought to build a home in their garden adjacent to this site, but was refused permission by the Council on the grounds of inadequate access, but now the Council propose to build ten homes using the very same access.

“Sherards House should be renovated to provide modern homes for older residents with half a dozen or so bungalows built in the grounds. This would enable residents who occupy a home too large for their needs to move into a smaller home, freeing up homes which families on the Council’s Housing Register could move into”.

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7 Comments for Harlow Alliance Party lead objections to plans for Sherards House:

2022-07-26 08:51:37

This was the first place I lived in 1976, had a room with great neighbours. After 6 weeks I was offered a choice of 3 council houses, also a months free rent to cover decorating costs.I see to remember a Mr Hart sorting it out but not too sure. We have progressed since those days.

Kim Oconnor
2022-07-26 09:26:51

Theses councils won't be happy till we are looking like toy town. A town with no character. Just unaffordable housing estates. I'll pass this on to green party to.

A taylor
2022-07-27 15:38:40

My daughter had to live here for a while a beautiful old house an old people's home is a great idea

2022-07-27 22:23:52

My husband is disabled. we have a beautiful 3 bedroom house .but have been waiting 2 yrs for a 2bed bungalow to move into and just isn't enough of them.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-07-28 11:26:26

The comment made by Mrs Sayers hits the nail right on the head. For many reasons a one bedroom bungalow is not what a resident wishing to downsize wants. There are probably hundreds of residents who would like to downsize given a good choice of an alternative, indeed as a former housing manager I said many times to people that they should downsize when they could, not when they had to. Building houses is not the best use of council owned land, homes built will in due course be sold under the Right to Buy. Building bungalows means that every time one is vacated, through a chain system of allocation, up to six housing applicants can be helped to acquire a home.

2022-07-28 20:48:07

I agree that bungalows for the elderly and infirm would be a better idea and free up some larger accommodation. This would be an ideal area for this purpose as there are a number of bungalows already in the area. But what I have noticed, is when a bungalow has become free it seems to take an eternity to fill. I know of 2 bungalows and a 3 bed house empty. Not sure why it takes so long.

David Disher
2022-11-01 13:54:57

I used to live here as a kid in 1994 I was seven my brother was 5 we lived in the second floor of sherards house, a old man lived below in a bedsit 1 room place, he gave me his ring and said he wouldn’t need it anymore I thought it was strange and told my father who had a word to him. That night the old man set his bedsit on fire and the building caught fire, the police found him watching from the other side of the fence, he wanted everyone in the building to die. We escaped from the second floor by ladder when the fire fighters arrived. We moved from sherards house to a bungalow below and stayed there a year before moving to willow field. I live in Australia now and have since 96 but I liked living there had no money but memory’s none the less.

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