Livingstone House: Residential home for people with learning disabilities set to close

Communities / Tue 9th Aug 2022 am31 11:00am

A RESIDENTIAL home for people with learning disabilities is set to be closed.

Livingstone House on Potter Street has been a home for many years.

Livingstone House has seven single-occupancy bedrooms and a two-bedroom flat. The owners provide residential care and support for 19 adults aged 18 to 65, with a range of learning disabilities.

A spokesperson for Sanctuary Supported Living said: “We are committed to providing high-quality accommodation and support to all our residents and following a review of services at Livingstone House we have made the decision to close the building later this year as it is no longer fit for purpose.

“This is not a decision we have taken lightly, and we are working with the local council to support our residents and their families to find suitable new accommodation. Our priority is to make sure residents’ needs are met and they are comfortable in their new home.”

YH has approached Essex County and Harlow Council for a comment.

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19 Comments for Livingstone House: Residential home for people with learning disabilities set to close:

2022-08-09 11:34:44

So sad I have worked with the residents of Livingstone house for many years I feel for all the residents and there family’s at this time and . For the staff who have cared for them.

gary roberts
2022-08-09 13:16:53

So the building is not fit for purpose: Why not? It hasn't just been assessed as that surely? Has the building now been sold to a developer to build a multitude of housing for people who in this town cannot afford it? What will those homes in Kingsdon Lane say? Or in Carters Mead or on London Road? And of course infrastructure: where is it if this land has homes built on it? Questions eh? How many residents' in the area will ask them?

2022-08-09 14:15:25

Why? Where are these residents going to go? What about the staff that have given their time and energy to these residents ?

Jacqueline Webster
2022-08-09 14:24:57

This is the 2nd residential home for our most vulnerable that has announced its closure in a matter of weeks. What is to happen to the residents? Where is the humanity? Someone has to care!

Barbara Salt
2022-08-09 15:46:41

More details should be available to explain WHY NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. These residential properties are a necessity not a luxury. If there isn’t another available property in a similar location then it is appalling. Shame on you

Aunty Boo
2022-08-09 16:21:20

That building was purpose built to look after those people. It replaced the old Livingstone House that was used for the same reason. So how is it not fit for purpose!!! If it is not fit for purpose then why wasn't something done about it before now to rectify the situation so that the residents could stay in what is their home. This stinks of something dodgy. This is like the council letting all of the garages go to rot and eventually pull them down and the land is sold on to a developer. I think this needs somebody to investigate as to why this building was allowed to get into a condition that is not fit for purpose. Disgusting.

Dave B
2022-08-09 19:30:14

Livingstone House is fit for purpose, there is not too much wrong with the building at all. It has been decorated regularly over the years and always looks clean. The house and the gardens are always well maintained. If the place is not fit for purpose why has it got a high CQC rating.

Louise mcqueen
2022-08-09 19:51:29

Why you need it's a good place to go to

Louise mcqueen
2022-08-09 19:52:08

Why you need it's a good place to go to

Cath Bilsland
2022-08-09 20:26:36

So sad surely they could get funding to make it suitable the people there will be traumatised at having to go elsewhere and their caters do a good job and they have a bus stop outside so they can go to town it’s a disgrace I hope it get saved

2022-08-09 20:39:38

It been on the card for a long time

2022-08-10 07:22:19

What have we become as a society, when we no longer take social responsibility for the most vulnerable. Who in power is willing to step up and say that care for the most vulnerable should not be about cost. Its probably the only area that I think everyone is happy to have their taxes spent, yet all parties have always spent bare minimum on this. Anybody involved in this decision should hang their heads in shame.

2022-08-10 09:17:35

This is not only sad and upsetting for the residents but also their families. Why were improvements made, and for it to be deemed not fit for purpose.

Sandra B
2022-08-10 11:38:00

The vulnerable residents of Livingstone House need the security of their care home also the care by the staff that know their complex needs and who the residents have grown to trust. Disgusting that the can treat these most vulnerable people and dedicated staff in this way. Shame on you

2022-08-10 17:26:35

With this closing and everything happening at St Elizabeth’s up the road there is going to be a big downfall in helping the most vulnerable in

Kim Oconnor
2022-08-11 10:08:18

Not fit for purpose, so if that's the case why are theses people still allowed to stay there, this smells very fishy. Again and again the most vulnerable suffer, for greed and profit. I really don't like this couldn't care less attitude today, because you lot have had a better offer. Tell the truth.

Daniel Long
2022-08-11 16:01:02

They say that it is not fit for purpose and what's the odds that all the residents with learning difficulties and disabilities who live there now will be moved out and the building will be used to house more of the over flow of London. Let's see.?

2022-08-13 13:53:36

Another home closing where people with learning disabilities will be upset spilt up not knowing where they will end up this is beyond sad, and all the companing in the world will not stop this , because its all about profit, it stop being about people a long time ago . They want to develop the land, they don't want to improve the house for the people who live there, if they did we wouldn't be talking about this. They would have just been making the improvements for them to live there happily. It's all about greed and profit. So sad .

2022-08-17 21:51:12

Hi Luka Not place to live not very happy bunny then To live very boring I when to Live old people

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