New York: Warrant issued for Harlow man after he fails to attend court to answer hit and run charges

Crime / Tue 9th Aug 2022 at 07:05am

A MAN from Roydon is subject to an arrest warrant after failing to appear in a New York State court to answer charges relating to a crash which led two small children seriously injured.

As YH reported last week, it is alleged that Thomas Robb, aged 20, of Sedge Green, Roydon was driving the wrong way in a southerly direction on a one-way section of Greenbush Road in Blauvelt, New York.

Robb was charged with leaving the scene along with vehicular assault and other charges.

He was freed on bail of $25,000 but did not turn up to Monday’s hearing at court.

A judge has now issued a warrant for his arrest.

There are fears that Robb has left the USA.

The full CBS News report can be seen below.


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6 Comments for New York: Warrant issued for Harlow man after he fails to attend court to answer hit and run charges:

2022-08-09 08:33:30

Perhaps the USA could do a swop for the woman who killed Harry Dunn! It seems it's ok for them not to send their criminals to stand trial over here, but this guy is going to be arrested and sent over to them to stand for a similar offense. I'm not saying what this guy has done deserves for him to get off with it, but it seems the USA have one rule for their people and another for everyone else!

2022-08-09 08:40:48

I very much doubt he has left the US as unlike the UK they have border security. His passport was seized so he cannot turn up at an airport and board a flight. I lay odds that he is laying low in the area. Lets hope the authorities find him soon,

2022-08-09 15:40:48

Kim I couldn't agree more with your comment, absolutely totally agree 👍

2022-08-09 21:51:05

It's entirely different as the guy accused has probably not even left the country, a bit difficult without a passport I would say

2022-08-12 20:30:42

Can't he claim diplomatic immunity like that American ambassadors wife did after she hit and killed Harry Dunn? Screw the yanks and their belief that they deserve justice before anyone else. Keep running dude, she is...

2022-09-22 14:43:28

lol this guy went my school he has a brother who's his twin.

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