Application for house in Jerounds up before Harlow Council planning committee

Planning / Sat 13th Aug 2022 at 04:08pm

A PLANNING application for a house in Jerounds is set to go in front of the Harlow Council planning committee.

The application is to build another house extending the line of the terrace and of similar width to the existing houses in the terrace. Though the house extends the line of the terrace, there would be a one- and two-storey projection beyond the rear building line at the rear, 4 metres deep. The application forms indicate matching materials will be used. One parking space would be provided in front of the house and a second would be in a detached garage with a gabled roof to be built on the spur behind the garages in the garage court. The plans also show two parking spaces to be provided for the existing house in the front garden.

There has been a number of objections:

Three representations were received. Two were objections to the application with the following concerns:

  •   The proximity to our border. on drawings it is showing no gap whatsoever. Would of thought there needs to be a 1 metre distance away?
  •   The security of 7 Threehorseshoes Road whilst any building works are taking place
  •   There is a willow tree in the garden 7 Threehorseshoes Road on the boundary andwhether there would be any disruption to the root system
  •   Impact on the privacy of Highfield House Three Horseshoes Road – There are no otherhouses that look over the garden as the adjacent properties are either bungalows or farenough away that there is no line of sight into the rear garden.
  •   Impact of the proposed garage on Highfield House due to its’ height.
  •   The proposed detached garage would be unsightly when viewed from HighfieldHouse.
  •   The representation raised a query relating to a fence height and asked about the impact on horse chestnut tree on the site. {Officer Comment: the query regarding the fence height was clarified as was the point that there is no horse chestnut on the site.}

The proposal will be heard on Wednesday August 17th, 2022 at the Water Gardens.

The full application can be found here


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