Covid-19: Number of cases falls to 83

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SINCE March 2020, YH has published over 2,500 stories relating to Covid-19.

As we have stressed before, we hesitate at any analysis and we have stuck to the data as is presented to us.

Now and again, we will dip into the statistics but with the usual caveats.

It is a difficult balancing act. On the one hand, people are just getting on with their lives. On the other hand, we are all aware that it has not gone away in Harlow. Far from it. Everyone seems to know someone who has Covid just now. Many are ploughing on, continuing to go into work because, they need to work and earn a living.

Harlow Areas:

Bush Fair and Brays Grove: 6

Church Langley: 10

Great Parndon and Katherines: 3

Kingsmoor: 9

Little Parndon and Hare Street: 9

Mark Hall and Templefields: 11

Netteswell: 11

Old Harlow and Newhall: 5

Passmores and The High: 10

Potter Street: 9

Staple Tye and Latton Bush: 11

Total: 83

A link for all our stories is below.


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The relevant page on the NHS website has shut down.

By the middle of June, the number of deaths at PAH stood at 713.

However, we understand that the exact figure for Harlow is 246.

We have to bear in mind that Harlow only counts for 40% of patients at PAH.


Jan 1st-31st 2021: 179 deaths

Jan 1st-31st 2022: 22 deaths

For the record, Covid-19 is the underlying cause of death in around 92% of deaths where it was mentioned in the death certificate.

There are a reported 46-patients in the hospital.


Number of Deaths

May: 10

April: 24

March: 23

February: 16

January: 21



Number of Deaths

December 2021: 10

November 2021: 12

October 2021: 16

Sept 2021: 10

August 2021: 11

July 2021:12

June 2021:0

May 2021: 2

April: 2021: 2

March 2021: 9

Feb 2021: 38

January 2021: 179



December 2020: 73

November 2020: 29

October 2020: 3

September 2020: 2

August 2020: 0

July 2020: 0

June 2020: 0

May 2020: 15

April 2020: 151

March 2020: 35

Back on January 4th 2021, there were 204 Covid in-patients occupying ten wards.


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