Review: Comedy at Redchurch Brewery: From Radio Cars to great guitars

Business / Wed 17th Aug 2022 at 01:27pm

THE REDCHURCH Brewery Nights continue to be very popular.

Close to a hundred people attended the most recent night in the heart of the brewery in Mead Park.

It is a really good setting. There is something about the layout of the brewery, the whole ambience that is just perfect.

The comedy nights are greatly aided by having Harlow man John Mann as the compere. He really does bring a local feel to proceedings.

His joke based on Radio Cars coming through your speakers in Harlow (and beyond) not only made you think”Yeah, I remember that” but was also very funny.

John is also pretty spiky and so brings an enthusiasm and edge to proceedings.

All the comedians bring contrasting styles and that’s important.

The headline on the occasion was Duncan Oakley, whose comedian with guitars (or was it a guitarist with jokes?) act went down really well. He meanders, he deflects but the joke comes back to hit you on the funny bone.

There is such a relaxed atmosphere. You can catch up with friends, enjoy the beer and enjoy the comedy. It is possible to do all three.

The next comedy night is on Thursday September 1st. Before that, there is a half price Saturday.

All details below.

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