Harlow Labour councillors take to picket line to support striking rail workers

General / Fri 19th Aug 2022 at 09:23am

TWO Labour councillors took to the picket line to support striking rail workers.

Mark Hall councillor Lanie Shears and Bush Fair councillor Kay Morrison went to Bishops Stortford railway station to join other campaigners as rail workers continue to fight over a pay deal.

Cllr Shears said: “I was pleased to attend the RMT picket line this morning as part of Harlow Trades Council showing solidarity with striking rail workers.

“In this time of crisis it is important that we stand together with all trade unionists.

“Our HTUC banner says unity is strength, and it is”.

Councillor Morrison echoed the sentiments.

She said: “I was pleased to be able to support my union colleagues on the picket line at Bishop Stortford railway station.

Their struggle continues to protect jobs and conditions.  As well as RMT, Unison and Unite trades unions were represented today.

“Nobody wants to strike: it’s always a last resort after negotiations have broken down. Workers are desperate and not just in the RMT.

“Other unions are balloting on industrial action and the cost-of-living crisis exacerbates the situation, not helped by our rudderless government.

“We’re at a really serious impasse. Respectful, productive talks must resume. Workers have to be taken seriously. Applauding them once a week doesn’t pay the bills”. 


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9 Comments for Harlow Labour councillors take to picket line to support striking rail workers:

David Forman
2022-08-19 09:46:55

Nice to see Harlow Labour councillors standing shoulder to shoulder with trade unionists and the Socialist Workers Party.

2022-08-19 10:25:22

Good if the councillors would go on strike too.

gary roberts
2022-08-19 14:06:59

As a former shop steward with the T@ G union it is heartening to see that there are still some in the Labour party willing to support it founders. Unfortunately Starmer is scared of his own shadow when it comes to standing up for better pay and conditions.

Bruce Downey
2022-08-19 15:12:03

The lunatics have taken over the asylum…

2022-08-19 15:40:29

Good to that these two Harlow Momentum Labour councillors are showing their true colours standing alongside authoritarian Marxist fanatics of the Socialist Workers Party, who are sworn enemies everything British and of freedom and democracy.

gary roberts
2022-08-19 16:12:09

gary, I nearly smiled. Do you have any evidence that the RMT pickets are, "authoritarian Marxist fanatics"? Or even that RMT members' are members of the, "Socialist Workers Party"? And as for, "sworn enemies everything British and of freedom and democracy" I think you shouldn't read comics! Or even right-wing Bull.

2022-08-19 17:23:12

Labour councillors supporting well paid workers who can hold the country to ransom. Try supporting the Pensioners who can’t strike, what do the Momentum Councilors say to that.

2022-08-19 17:41:27

Going on strike when the economy is collapsing is a mugs game( history bears this out). if they were serious about their members they should have gone on strike last year when everything was on the up( your more likely to get a rise if there is money in the till). Wages have been suppressed since 2008, so they have had plenty of time to fight their corner, but they decide now is the time. Why? Well my sceptical opinion is this. Russia invades Ukraine, we back Ukraine, most union bosses are paid up communist party members, and next thing you know it’s all out brothers even though it will cost a lot of their members their jobs due to the fact that striking during a downturn never ends well for the workers. Even if they get the pay they want,12 months later they will make people redundant. Just another example of the people getting shafted by those they think represent them.

2022-08-19 18:28:22

"Showing solidarity with striking rail workers" is fine but don't forget the millions who are affected by the strikes, like the nurse I met last night. I do struggle to understand why these strikes are happening. I would love to see concisely what the RMT want and what is being offered. Presumably cllrs, you are very well informed on this so will share it with us. Perhaps Robert Halfon would also care to explain the apparent disinterest by the govt in this matter

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