Harlow woman found guilty of stabbing her husband to death

Crime / Thu 25th Aug 2022 at 12:46pm

A WOMAN who stabbed her husband at their home in Harlow is facing a life sentence after being convicted of his murder.

Rebecca Searing called the ambulance service at 2.12am on 12 February this year reporting she had stabbed her husband – Paul – twice.

When officers arrived at the couple’s home in Ryecroft they found paramedics treating 57 year-old Paul in an upstairs bedroom while Rebecca was downstairs in the living room.

As officers spoke to and arrested Rebecca she made a number of significant statements, seeming to admit she had attacked her husband, stating “I can’t believe I’ve just done this” and “I will go down for this”.

Paul was taken to hospital but, sadly, died about three hours later.

Rebecca was further arrested on suspicion of murder and made further comments which also seemed to admit she had attacked him.

A bloodstained knife was found inside their home.

At Rebecca’s trial, the jury heard the 52 year-old had asked one officer while in custody “I am gonna get 25 years for this aren’t I?”.

When these comments were put to her during interview she replied ‘no comment’.

She was charged with murder but denied the charge.

However, following a trial at Chelmsford Crown Court she was found guilty today Thursday 25 August.

She showed no emotion as the verdict was announced.

She’s due to be sentenced at the same court on Wednesday 7 September.

Investigating officer Detective Inspector Lydia George said: “Paul Searing lost his life in a moment of extreme violence and Rebecca Searing’s actions were fatal.

“And while she may have some regret for what has happened, that cannot undo the consequences of her actions.

“She now faces a life sentence and a significant amount of time behind bars.”

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13 Comments for Harlow woman found guilty of stabbing her husband to death:

carol Bush
2022-08-25 12:55:43

Thank you to the jury who got the right verdict So sad for all the family and Friends left behind. Great guy always missed

2022-08-25 13:12:25

Well Done Essex Police. The jury got it rite . Sad for Paul's sons x

2022-08-25 13:39:43

Ron, disgusting comment. Justice has been done for Paul and his Son's

2022-08-25 13:46:46

Is Ron for real, what a dick

2022-08-25 13:52:17

He's both Gary, A real dick.

2022-08-25 14:02:18

Gary and Pop, there is always one knobhead who tries to be funny or clever and he ain't either. Utter vermin!

Brian sanderson
2022-08-25 14:12:17

My mate Ron Lowe was murdered in Harlow some years ago The wife walked free No justice there

Rebecca Searing is a psycho
2022-08-25 16:02:54

Enjoy life you psycho b*tch .. Nice mugshot you ugly piece of shit! We all hope you rot in jail

2022-08-25 17:23:38

Will there be a curfew for all women?

Daniel Long
2022-08-25 19:28:31

This is proof that it is not just women who are the victims of domestic violence, men are too and also proof that it is not just men who committe domestic violence, women do too. Women are listened to, men are not.

2022-08-26 12:27:46

Most men don’t or won’t report abuse probably see it as unmanly.

2022-09-07 08:33:50

You're right Brian I went to school with Ronald Lowe he was a lovely man but you're right his wife murdered him when they was having a fight one night and she got away with it scot-free where was the justice for Ronald least this time they got it right and someone has been punished.

John nelmes
2022-09-09 20:47:07

The bitch didn't get long enough Paul was a good friend of mine

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