Conservative leadership candidate Rishi Sunak visits Harlow as part of campaign to be next Prime Minister.

General / Fri 26th Aug 2022 pm31 12:48pm

CANDIDATE to be the next prime minister, Rishi Sunak, came to Harlow on Friday morning as part of his leadership campaign.

With just one full week left, the former chancellor of the exchequer fielded questions on a variety of topics with members of Conservative associations across the area.

Joined by Harlow MP Robert Halfon he discussed the cost of living, immigration, housing, education and crime.

Afterwards, he spoke to YourHarlow and we asked him about the visit but also asked him what was his message to Harlow residents on the news (this morning) that their energy bills would be increasing to close to £4,000.

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20 Comments for Conservative leadership candidate Rishi Sunak visits Harlow as part of campaign to be next Prime Minister.:

2022-08-26 13:06:36

Well he can Donald Duck right off.

2022-08-26 13:07:11

At a GE I'd rather not vote Conservative - but Rishi Sunak is the only sensible one when compared with Liz Truss.

Bruce Downey
2022-08-26 13:16:44

RIshi Sunak, still campaigning why? the last poll he was miles behind, surely all postal votes are in?

2022-08-26 14:22:03

Take it he didn't take rishi around Brockles mead or arkwrights to see how this cost of living crisis is effecting hard working class people

2022-08-26 15:33:26

The cost of living crisis is global. It is not confined to the UK and it has not been caused by our Government. All major economies are facing the same inflation crisis. It is partly a consequence of post Covid supply issues and primarily caused by Putin’s war of aggression. We and our allies are paying the price of freedom. Yes, it tough, but we got through high inflation and fuel crisis in the 1970’s. We have become to entitled.

2022-08-26 16:52:15

This government has completely ruined Britain spending billions on people coming over on boats from different countries that have not paid a farthing into anything and the British people who have worked and paid into the pot are left behind . Sorry Robert I will not be voting for the rich man he won’t have to struggle and pay his bills

2022-08-26 17:15:48

What a load of cobblers. This joke party have been spouting the same rubbish for the last 12 years. He's talking as though the last 12yrs have been forgotten and it's all start a new. Get them out we need a general election now.

2022-08-26 18:00:20

Marie you sound like you have downed ten pints of tory juice. Blaming a cost of living crisis on the war in Ukraine is bad taste. We have been in a cost of living crisis for years. How much are our neighbours paying for energy. How much are they paying to travel on trains. This is what happens when you suppress wages for 12 years. Energy companies make 6 million pound profit every hour in this country.

2022-08-26 19:58:48

As the UK gets very little fossil fuel from Russia (NONE! in June) it is astonishing that the war in Ukraine is being blamed for how much WE! are having to pay for gas & electricity. Look at how much our bills have risen. Compare to France - four per cent cap on hikes to bills in 2022. Back in 2013, when there were also energy price hikes, this same Conservative government made things worse by reducing the "green levies" and stopping on-shore wind power generation. Thus making us more dependent on gas fired power stations than before. This same Conservative government failed to ensure appropriate gas storage was available. "The cost of living crisis is global." - not for the top 1% of earners who are the only ones who have had pay rises in line with inflation. " we got through high inflation and fuel crisis in the 1970’s" - so this conservative government has failed to learn from history and so are now are repeating it? How many people died in poverty in the 1970's?

Steven Harknett
2022-08-26 21:55:32

Inflation is the direct consequence of the expansion of the money supply. The Bank of England under pressure from politicians kept interest rates low thus diverting currency into speculative assets by those able to access cheap money. The inevitable result of this reckless spending in non productive projects means higher taxes and lower productivity followed by inflatio, recession and rising unemployment.. Throwing money at the problem may give temporary relief however such monetisation will lead to austerity.

James Griggs
2022-08-27 08:22:41

Seamus, that Tory Juice Marie has been ingesting is even more toxic than the raw sewage her Tory chums are content to pump into our waterways. Marie clearly resides in a delusional world where she still thinks ‘we’ve never had it so good’ The inflation issues may be spread across many borders but that’s not the issue is it? The issue is how each of those governments is addressing it and the UK’s asleep at the wheel government is clueless with no plans to do anything meaningful. A few hundred pounds here or there are insufficient when it sits back and allows the regulator to shaft the very consumers it is supposed to protect with an 80% hike and a promise of more to come. Sunak and Co have nothing to offer and should get out of the way immediately. The people of the UK have had enough and are not going to take this heartless crap from Govt any longer. We need a huge windfall tax on these disgustingly large energy profits and then nationalise the lot of them for the public good.

David Summerville
2022-08-27 09:18:19

Robert stands with Rishi-- he is supporting him--that's enough to make me prefer Liz--he's the same Robert who, to me, lost all credibility, for supporting Boris right to the very end --I believe in honesty and integrity in a PM--something Boris lacked and our country needs, and Robert followed the stupid populist line of Boris and he has therefore contributed to the demise of our country over the past 12 years--let's wait for the Covid inquiry and we'll see how pathetic the Tory response has been and contributed to so many unnecessary deaths.

2022-08-27 09:42:43

This world has become creedy for cash for those of who have the power of making their billions & billions off the people that are now struggling but still this all goes on...this has all got to & will come to a halt because people have NOT got the money for all that is happening.. Where are these energy companies, shops, everyy coming from with all these hikes....where are we the people going to get all this money to be able to give to them in the first place...it will then go back to candles & food rationing tokens to be able to live.....& All this from greed from those who have millions. It needs to stop be sorted so life can go on for us all. People won't have the money to pay bills buy food shopping keep pets run cars etc etc because they are fleecing us dry...there will be no schooling no jobs life will just be an existence therefore they won't get their billions to fill their pockets... THEY CAN'T HAVE what we haven't got in the end...I for one feel that this world is no longer nice to live in & that I will not be amongst it all for long god help the ones that have just started their life's.

2022-08-27 09:52:11

Only one thing for it REALLY Get the lot of them out & put some good old fashion honest people from off the streets & I bet they run it a dam sight better than these idiots who can't organized a child's party. It's nothing but talks here talks there picking rediculous Prime Minister's who just run the country down chipping away at it & us until there is nothing good left...we have been on a downward spiral for donkeys years & the reigns are fraying badly.

2022-08-27 12:31:15

rather have boris back than sunak hope liz truss gets it

2022-08-27 12:48:38

They are all liars, Boris was not a very good one that's all.

Tony Durcan
2022-08-27 15:28:10

Let’s be honest Marie is the unofficial spokesperson for the MPs office his staff and the MPs councillors. Nothing more nothing less. Sadly the MP hides behind this front as he can’t defend the terrible record of his government and his own appalling voting record. So far the MP has backed ever loser in the leadership race and I suspect he will maintain his record We need a general election.

2022-08-27 19:46:47

Labour is both clueless and incompetent. The cost of the energy crisis is there for our people. We waste almost £ 12 bn a year on ‘foreign aid’. This should be tied to British trade. It isn’t. Charity starts at home. Secondly, even the Home Office admits housing so-called ‘asylum seekers’ is now costing £5 mn a Day! That is £ 1.83 bn a year! Not to mention all the other costs and feeding parasite lawyers! Just make the laws and deport them like Australia does. Our problems will be solved and such a government with the vision and courage to do this would win a sweeping victory.

2022-08-28 11:11:52

Madness is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We need new ideas not old ones, and sadly i do not see any politicians or would be politicians with new ideas

2022-08-28 21:13:19

Barry is on the right track. All these illegal migrants are costing decent British taxpayers a fortune. It is a disgrace. They should stop giving legal aid that only goes to far left lawyers, who are parasites. This must stop. If these people are in safe countries they have no reason to come here. They only come here because we give them free handouts. We need a government that gets rid of all this woke rubbish. There is no need for British people to suffer. Just stop paying for scroungers and parasites.

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