Home Secretary should reform failing police forces says report

Crime / Wed 31st Aug 2022 am31 07:26am

THE Home Secretary should use their powers to reform “failing” police forces and replace the chief constable if necessary, a report has found reports the BBC.

Policy Exchange, a centre-right think tank, says some common offences are “in essence almost entirely decriminalised” because policing has “lost its way”.

The report’s author, former detective chief inspector David Spencer, said significant intervention was needed.

Boris Johnson said making Britain safer has always been a priority.

The report said that the public feels police officers are “more interested in being woke than solving crimes”.

It said police should avoid acts that may be intended to show solidarity against discrimination, such as taking the knee or wearing a badge on their uniform.

These acts could be interpreted has having “a partisan political view” and “has the potential to be hugely damaging to public confidence,” the report said.

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7 Comments for Home Secretary should reform failing police forces says report:

2022-08-31 08:05:40

Because of course that's the main problem. It's nothing at all to do with not having enough police on the street.

gary roberts
2022-08-31 08:33:40

The blame game is of course a political tool: In this instance the police! This government has been in office for twelve years and still we get the nonsense of blaming the officers. They cut over 20,000 officers during this time then they used the fire and rehire bull so officers that had been released were asked to reapply for the same jobs they had been released from at lower rates of pay. Some had accepted retirement with a full pension thus having the absurd position of officers' returning on a full pension and a "new" job. You couldn't make it up! Now morale is low and the numbers of officers in Essex has been reduced further. This deceitful government in 2019 said it would have 20,000 more officers than in 2010. To do that they need to reinstate the 20,000 they cut and then employ another 20,000. Will they do it? No. Therefore, the restoration of neighbourhood policing will not happen any time soon. The court backlog with get bigger and the consent principle will be under even greater strain. But many in Harlow voted for that, didn't they?

David Forman
2022-08-31 08:45:31

The Home Office should listen to police officers telling them that the Athena computer system is unreliable. Start enforcing a proper uniform code that smartens up the look of officers. Stop closing police stations, because this reduces the number of cells to process and detain suspects. Invest in new technology, especially in communications and surveillance. This should include hiring more civilian comms analysts to tackle online crime. Speed up the internal investigation of misconduct so that officers don't spend years on suspension. Impose tougher sentences on people who falsely accuse officers of misconduct.

2022-08-31 08:52:06

The police are not fit for purpose. Has nothing to do with funding or numbers. They have become reactive and not proactive. If you call the police about active crime they will not respond until after the event. I even caught a thief once who admitted his crimes in front of witnesses, and it was also recorded in 4K video, and the police still refused to prosecute. If you call police about petty crime from a certain element of our community, the police will never respond. I have encounters like this going back over 30 years from various friends and family and business associates. There comes a point when political football becomes irrelevant. If anyone has been paying attention, there has been a steady dumbing down across all of our society to the point that nothing actually works anymore. I genuinely fear we may see some sort of revolution in this country if the people in power do not start to get a grip on the very serious failings we are seeing across the board in our society. And to think we are meant to be the 6th richest nation on the planet beggars belief we have got ourselves into such a mess in the first place.

gary roberts
2022-08-31 10:31:51

"The police are not fit for purpose. Has nothing to do with funding or numbers." Any evidence to support that claim?

Concerned Citizen
2022-09-01 06:37:29

Aside from Theman clearly everyone is aware that cutting the police to bare bones clearly has a detrimental effect on the way policing works. You do not need to be an academic to work that out. The government expects better results with less officers. That is just not good maths. Theman if you have all that great evidence then consider a private prosecution. Clearly will win easily…

British Bulldog
2022-09-01 11:23:27


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