Police in Harlow seize more e-scooters as crackdown continues

Crime / Tue 6th Sep 2022 at 08:21am

ON MONDAY, Essex Police – Harlow District officers carried on their stance on e-scooters within Harlow by seizing another four scooters. Please don’t let your scooter be the next one to fall.

See below a reminder of the laws around e-scooters;

Did you know that privately owned e-scooters are illegal to use in a public place?

E-scooters come under the category of ‘powered transporters’. This also covers a range of other personal transport devices which are powered by a motor.

Powered transporters fall within the legal definition of a motor vehicle under the Road Traffic Act 1988. Therefore, the rules that apply to motor vehicles, also apply to e-scooters, which includes that they must not be ridden on footpaths or pavements and must not be ridden carelessly.

As an e-scooter is classed as a motor vehicle, users must comply with various pieces of Road Traffic Legislation, including but not limited to the requirement for the rider to have:

• A valid driving licence

• Valid insurance

It is not currently possible to get appropriate insurance for privately owned e-scooters. This means they cannot be used on the road or in public places legally.

It’s important to emphasise that if you’re not hiring an e-scooter from SPIN as part of the Essex County Council pilot scheme, you’ll be breaking the law. We are urging retailers to make the law clear to anyone thinking of buying an e-scooter.

Safety is very important too, and we will take action against anyone breaking the law. This will mean seizing the e-scooter and may also mean prosecution for using a motor vehicle without insurance or the appropriate licence.

You can find out more information about the legalities of e-scooter use on the government’s website.

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8 Comments for Police in Harlow seize more e-scooters as crackdown continues:

2022-09-06 13:24:36

There are plenty more being ridden, hopefully many more will be confiscated by the police in the coming days.

2022-09-06 15:12:30

I know it's going to take a while but , finally something seems to be happening. Do the riders get prosecuted as well? Maybe get points on their license if they should apply for one in the future. Clock Tower roundabout to Tany's Dell, you'll have a field day.

T c
2022-09-06 20:50:11

Well, what brave and fearless police we have in Harlow. Why the dickens are you not focusing on clearing up the knife and robbery crimes in Harlow ? I'll tell you why, because you prey on the easy targets so it looks like your doing a stand up job in our communities. For goodness sake catch some real criminals will you. My 16 year old son was the victim of an attempted robbery and it wasn't until 3 days later the cops called for a statement. GET YOUR F×*#ING PRIORITIES RIGHT!!!!!

2022-09-07 15:37:22

Obviously not seizing enough, saw another two idiots flying through harlow town centre today, yes flying!! One on a mobile phone obviously not in full control!!

2022-09-07 15:53:15

I agree with TC. Not only are they doing this they are going after people with tinted window on their cars. No wonder the police are so disrespected. Go crack real crime, robbery, assault, drugs etc.

Steve Morris
2022-09-07 18:37:42

Any of you leaving comments about tackling real crime would not say the same thing if your kid or grandma or mum was knocked over and killed by one which can happen especially as people mod their scooters to remove their speed limit rendering the brakes even more inefficient. Also if you've spent anytime watching these kids on scooters you'd have noticed that drug runners and dealers use e scooters and teens to trade drugs so the police are fighting crimes by ridding these from the streets so get your facts straight.

2022-09-07 18:41:17


Steve k
2022-09-10 09:12:11

Police are useless smh go catch the weirdos trying to grab kids into vans or knife crime. More people are killed on mountain bikes being idiots and more people are hit and hurt by skateboarding on pavements. Absolutely ridiculous . Sensible e scooter riders shouldn't be punished ONLY the idiots All the boomers will be crying in January when they are legalised. 500w linit over 16s and need a provisional licence will be the guidelines or thereabouts. Cry more moaning curtain twitcher lawn bowls chino wearing weirdos.

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