Passmores Head says his school can “no longer afford new text books after gas bill went up”

Education / Thu 8th Sep 2022 at 07:44am

A HARLOW head teacher said his school could no longer afford new text books after its gas bill went up by more than £100,000 reports the BBC.

Passmores Learning Collective boss Vic Goddard, said he was struggling to sleep because of the “frightening” situation.

Mr Goddard said: “I came into this job to make a difference, but how can I do that when we have no resources?” he said.

The government said it was increasing budgets for schools and recommending energy deals.

The full interview can be read below.


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8 Comments for Passmores Head says his school can “no longer afford new text books after gas bill went up”:

2022-09-08 08:03:50

They use text books? When I was in school during the 60s we were using books from the 50s and we were far better educated than today's children. Failure is always down to money nowadays.

2022-09-08 08:22:02

always pleading poverty we all got bills to pay passmores dont use a lot of gas. the burn wood for heating which is like a bonfire with the smoke which we have to put up with.

2022-09-08 08:43:36

Whilst schools are effectively classified as independent businesses under the academy structure and framework rather than essential services funded by government and under LEA Council control, they will be exposed to raw market forces and competition, as intended by Conservative policies, rather like the health services: we can all see the 'marvellous' results of such competition, disastrous. Education is a collaborative process and in the 1960s we began to see incredible development in schools with MEP and other achievements. Unfortunately the Robbin's Report was not fully implemented and in the 1970s the government decided it didn't trust teachers and the National Curriculum and OFSTED followed, hence today we have a huge gap in skills and low skilled low pay economy, a truly terminal examination system and still teachers assessments being rubbished. Academies were started under Labour, misguided then but with different intentions. When Passmores moved to their shiny new building I hear they were faced with such an under funding that there were not enough desks, and some specialist rooms with no proper ceilings installed, no books and having to pay the fuel bills to boost the already massive profits of the energy supply companies is par for the Tory course that Liz chameleon Truss is so keen to pursue. Ye shall reap as ye shall sew and the rich will get richer whilst send their children to private schools (not subject to the national curriculum).

2022-09-08 08:46:40

Typo ..whilst they send their children to private schools (not subject to the National Curriculum).

Alan Salsbury
2022-09-08 14:07:42

But surely no heating has been put on and won't be until October/November ? So where has the £100k come from ?

fed up
2022-09-08 14:45:02

be moaning about the electric next if so do us a favor turn flood lights of at 7 pm so we dont get all that noise until 10 pm

2022-09-08 15:08:08

I go there so can u just not put heating on bc its always to hot in the classes

2022-09-08 15:57:45

*too Abigail not to, another indictment into a failing education system. Perhaps Passmores could spend more time on the 3 r's?

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