Is the NHS getting the most out of Sydenham House?

Health / Thu 15th Sep 2022 at 11:25am

SINCE we launched in 2013, we have often been asked by a number of parties: whether the NHS is getting the most out of Sydenham House.

Sydenham House is based on Monkswick Road in the town.

Therefore, we asked the NHS. for a progress report.

A spokesperson said: “NHS Property Services (NHSPS) inherited the lease for Sydenham House in 2013 from West Essex PCC ten years into the original contract.

In 2016 the West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) declared the site surplus to local healthcare requirements meaning services were gradually withdrawn from the building over a period of years.

Sydenham House has since been utilised as vaccination hub during the pandemic and may be used again to help facilitate the forthcoming preparation for winter.

“NHSPS is also actively seeking more permanent solutions and is in dialogue with local organisations to find tenants for the building who can use it for in-patient care or as a care home facility which will see the space provide important services for the community.”

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4 Comments for Is the NHS getting the most out of Sydenham House?:

Christine hay
2022-09-15 14:48:06

If this was used properly then people could be moved here and free up beds for people that need operation. Such a waist.

Tony Durcan
2022-09-15 16:48:10

Sadly a great idea around step down care but as with everything about PAH,good idea but no funding. They have the same problem with the huge empty building at the back of Broomfield. All standing empty. These would make great nurse managed NHS step down care units. Enabling recovery similar to the old community cottage hospital units system. Too radical

Peter Henegan
2022-09-15 18:26:19

Winter is on the way. Could it be used for homeless people

Nicholas Taylor
2022-09-16 07:42:08

A great shame that the NHS cannot find the money to use this as it was intended. It must still be costing something whilst it stays empty. This is quite a big building, perhaps the Council should buy it and convert it in to two bedroomed flats for residents over 55 who in turn would downsize from their present home, leaving them for families to move into. Ideal location, on the flat, close to bus stops and a couple of shops and a pub. I suspect it is big enough to create 30 flats with a common room.

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