Harlow food delivery drivers set to strike over pay and conditions

Business / Fri 30th Sep 2022 at 08:30am

HARLOW delivery delivers are set to go on strike.

Over a hundred will take action to protest against Just Eat, Uber, and, Deliveroo companies on the 1st October.

Among the reasons are: petrol prices are high, the cost of living and they feel they deserve better pay.

They also say they have had their delivery rates reduced so drivers can not make enough money.

YH will be going down to The Oaks Retail Park this evening (Friday) to speak to the drivers.

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12 Comments for Harlow food delivery drivers set to strike over pay and conditions:

2022-09-30 09:39:30

These are the same drivers all with smart new phones? How about they focus on delivering food quickly and in proper hot bags. Perhaps people might order more then. See them lined up with 3 or 4 orders getting cold in crap Lidl bags if you're lucky. Provide a good service and people will order more.

2022-09-30 09:47:04

Note this is not all drivers and many don't want to strike. We are independent contractors and most of us happy as flexible job. Sorry to customers who have problems tonight.

2022-09-30 11:42:30

Welcome to the digital slave trade.

2022-09-30 15:15:20

And how is this going to change the mind of a global company? It'll just upset the people of Harlow. Note to Bill I used the service once and my food was stone cold.. that explains why!!

2022-09-30 17:12:04

Good on them. If you don't fight you will always lose

Darren Drame
2022-09-30 17:30:05

Oh no, delivery drivers are striking lol. I hope it just helps people to realise that they can actually still just go and collect their food or call the shop directly. Harlow should be pleased the are less mopeds ruining their town.

2022-09-30 19:30:37

Delivey Drivers are getting now £7- £8 per hour using their own petrol and car to deliver to our Harlow customers who so generous giving £ 0 tips. Go and collect your food now and enjoy the raining weather.......

Michael Szpakowski
2022-09-30 21:20:50

Victory to them! They’re absolutely right to stand and fight for decent wages and conditions. If they ( or any other group of strikers) wins *every* working person wins.

Michael Szpakowski
2022-09-30 21:24:48

I hope someone from the strike will come along to the local ‘Enough is Enough’ rally tomorrow and speak about their dispute, alongside striking posties, Openreach workers and rail workers. They’ll get a warm reception! 11 o’clock Saturday 1st at the Obelisk on Broadwalk…

2022-09-30 23:34:31

i refuse to tip any service run by just eats,uber or deliveroo, £4 min for delivery and they add more to the menu price, for example in kfc a £20 bucket when you pick it up but delivered its suddenly £25, i genreally dont use any of the services mentioned above anymore as its far cheaper to pick it up myself, the delivery companies have got far to greedy .

Julie Chase
2022-09-30 23:42:39

Victory to the food delivery drivers! Solidarity from a National Education Union member in education in Harlow. A victory for you is a victory for all workers and ordinary people. We all deserve pay above inflation✊🏻

2022-10-01 18:51:02

The online food companies are far to greedy their just eat system is not fit for purpose and multiple deliveries are a disaster. Either drivers are happy with what they are paid and get on with it. Or they whine and strike. And the small independant shops are being hit hard to stay in business because of corporate greed.

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