Athletics: Harlow runners put in outstanding performances at the London Marathon

General / Mon 3rd Oct 2022 at 01:07pm

A LARGE number of Harlow runners conquered the 26 miles and 385 yards of the London Marathon on Sunday.

On a mild October day, they all did a fantastic job.

Harlow Athletic Club’s Lee Wood ran an outstanding time of 2 hrs 40 mins and 5 seconds.

Lee only took up running in May 2019 when he did over 30 minutes for his first parkrun.

Since then, he has embraced the whole running culture.

However that also means often getting up in the wee small hours of the morning in order to run the hard yards.

Great work, Lee.


There were a number of people who had first entered for the London Marathon in 2019. Since then, Covid has knocked their plans sidewards. However, they never gave up and Sunday was the completion of a commitment they made to their charities and to themselves.

Three people we have followed since 2019 are:

Sam Snelling: 5.30.11 Caroline Collins: 5.24.22 Karen Clempner: 6.42.20

They really battled to get to the starting line and we are taking about a three year battle.

But they are all very determined characters and have to be applauded for all the work that they have done for their respective charities.


There were a number of runners representing Harlow Running and Tri Club. They were also backed by the massed ranks of volunteers from the club who took up marshalling duties.

The London Marathon would not exist without clubs like London.

Well done to them all.

Jack Shury: 3.00.39

Danny Mccree: 3.26.30

Robert Foxley: 3.35.31

Kerry Mavris: 3.55.52

Jon Steadman: 3.56.40

Stephen Mayo: 4.19.00

Alison Wilkinson: 4.24.16

Dave Goosetree: 5.11.24

Lee Daniels: 6.14.43


Other Harlow runners included:

Gemma Smith: 4.51.45

Paul Duggin: 5.39.52

Billy Barry: 5.48.07

Andy Jamieson: 6.42.34


Last but not least may we mention Peter Coates. Peter runs for Witham Running C but runs Wintry Motors in Bush Fair, Harlow.

Peter is an exceptional runner and finished in an outstanding time of 2.30.02


If we have missed anyone, then contact us on [email protected] and include a photo if you have one.

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2 Comments for Athletics: Harlow runners put in outstanding performances at the London Marathon:

Moaning murtle
2022-10-03 14:41:57

Well done to all those runners that participated.

2022-10-03 19:21:12

Congratulations everyone that took part some amazing times too ..

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