Robert Halfon MP: “The Prime Minister needs to apologise”

General / Sun 16th Oct 2022 at 10:22am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has accused the government under Prime Minister, Liz Truss of treating the economy like “one big laboratory experiment”.

Mr Halfon appeared on Sky News Sophie Ridge programme on Sunday morning as a crisis continues to engulf the government.

Earlier in the week, Mr Halfon spoke to the Prime Minister behind closed doors at the meeting of backbench MPs called the 1922 committee.

It was reported that Mr Halfon, looking and pointing directly at the PM Liz Truss told her she had “trashed the last ten years of Conservatism”

However, when pressed on whether she should resign. Mr Halfon said: “Things have to improve”

Part of the interview can be seen below.

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9 Comments for Robert Halfon MP: “The Prime Minister needs to apologise”:

2022-10-16 10:57:31

He is in the wrong party he is socialist does not have a conservative bone in his body. He is also what is wrong with politics never ha a job outside the political bubble. I hope he has skills as he will be unemployed soon and deservedly so.

Mandy Jacobs
2022-10-16 11:14:33

Truss needs to be gone by Wednesday . All this talk of 'stability' is nonesense . The Country doesn't trust her and neither does the wider politcal world. This has to be yet more political game playing. The Tories don't want to be seen booting out yet one more of their own so doubtless waiting ( with a little persuasion!) that she does the 'honourable thing' and resigns asap. Apology would be meaningless. Actions speak louder than words! Meanwhile, beware the slayers of our public services , civil liberties and working people's rights.

2022-10-16 11:22:15

Do the voters also have to take responsibility? Like those gullible Harlow voters who actually believed in the junk put out by the leave people that we would be better off on the outside of the EU, that a man with a pretty dodgy CV would make a good prime minister, the same man who could not see that pushing through Brexit during the worse pandemic in years would have anything in a bad result. The truth is the tories do not like being bossed by a woman (don't know if labour is any different) so at the slightest discomfort want to throw her to the wolves. Look at our GDP ranking per person-we are 33, Ireland is 4-this hasn't happened overnight. Give Liz Truss a chance to bring a different approach. For years Robert Halfon you have been misrepresenting that the tories are a low tax party, perhaps now we will see the truth and can work accordingly

2022-10-16 12:23:31

Taxes are irrelevant if you can't afford to turn the heating on, afford food, live in good accommodation, are exploited at work, can't access health care and live criminal and anti social behaviours abound. Look after the people at the grassroots and we shall all enjoy the fruits of our labours. Feeding fat cats in the hope they will share their riches only produces fatter fat cats. Might RH cross the floor?

Cricket writer
2022-10-16 13:54:35

No, Robert - Truss needs to go...

2022-10-16 20:46:58

Looks like Robert has now earned himself a place in the Anti-Growth Coalition. As has this weeks Chancellor Jeremy Hunt after he publicly dismissed all of her growth plans from last month. Perhaps Robert can explain what it is like being part of the Anti-Growth Coalition - is there a badge or a secret handshake? Anyway, I'm sure an "apology" will mean that people's mortgage payments will no longer go up by £100's, any mortgage offers that were withdrawn will simply be re-offered. After all, we know Robert likes an "apology", Boris made enough of them and every single one made Robert happy to give him another chance next time.

2022-10-17 04:22:02

Lol brexit benefits.

2022-10-17 08:35:29

Unfortunately leadership has become a poison chalice in the modern world, and the people best suited to the role know this. Whether you lead a country or a company or organisation, the risk/reward profile is no longer in your favour. It’s no wonder then that we have incompetency in all aspects of our lives.

2022-10-18 11:25:14

The whole Cons party need to be kicked out and them they have a good, honest look at how rubbish they have become and what a laughing stock they have made Britain. They need to kick out these useless people who are rubbish at the job and bring in some actual talent who also live in the real world, not just hanging out with their posh chums. Had enough of the corruption, the endless lies, the mistakes and taking us all for mugs.

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