Access to GPs is worsening finds report by MPs

Health / Thu 20th Oct 2022 at 09:05am

PATIENTS in England are being put at risk because of the unacceptably poor service they receive from GPs, MPs say.

The House of Commons’ Health Committee blamed the failure to tackle doctor shortages, which had led to a decline in the GP-patient relationship.

Seeing a GP should not be like booking an Uber with a driver you are unlikely to see again, the MPs said.

The warning comes just weeks after ministers launched a drive to improve access to GP services.

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1 Comment for Access to GPs is worsening finds report by MPs:

David Forman
2022-10-21 08:34:06

The Health Select Committee raised two major issues that arise from GP practices being private businesses which create retention and recruitment problems. The first is premises costs which incursv an increased share of premises assets to remaining partners as others retire. So, in a practice with 4 partners and two retire the remaining partners will have to inject into the business half the value of the premises. The solution to this is "the Sottish Government has agreed to purchase the GP-owned primary care estate by 2043.". The second issue is unlimited liability for the remaining partners for the costs of a failed practice, such as redundancy costs. The solution to this is "allow GP partnerships to operate as a Limited Liability Partnership or another similar liability-limiting model." The solutions have been identified, so Government should pull their finger out. You can read more about these issues on page 37 & 38 of the report at: https://committees.parliament.uk/publications/30383/documents/175483/default/

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