Man arrested after disturbance at Mecca Bingo in town centre

Crime / Mon 24th Oct 2022 at 11:46am

A MAN has been arrested after a disturbance at a town centre bingo hall on Sunday night.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “Our officers were called to reports of a disturbance in Terminus Street, Harlow, at around 8.15pm yesterday (October 23rd).

A man in his 30s was arrested at the scene in connection with using threatening behaviour, possession of an offensive weapon in a public place and criminal damage.

“Our enquiries continue”.

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14 Comments for Man arrested after disturbance at Mecca Bingo in town centre:

Ian G
2022-10-24 12:12:03

Probably wanted someone to play with his balls.

Leon shwe
2022-10-24 12:14:50

Disgusting behaviour right underneath my flat

Bumfluff walts
2022-10-24 14:21:11


2022-10-24 14:24:21

Terminus House a place of non anti social behaviour, A haven of paradise ahem ..

2022-10-24 17:11:02

The whole of terminus street and it’s residents should be bulldozed

2022-10-24 18:08:36

That whole area needs to be demolished and gentrified.

Bobby Bobbler
2022-10-24 20:56:55

Officers were called at 'one-fat-lady number 8, 1-and-5 fifteen' PM you mean?

geoff turner
2022-10-25 06:08:25

problem is he only had two lines and not a full one

2022-10-25 09:36:11

What is it with people that make stupid comments on "Your Harlow". They make my stomach churn like Ian G & a few other on their comment. Also why is it that people don't give their proper NAMES. Must all have the same surname "Cowards" There really is no need to do that & it's really so imature & shows just what sort of person he himself & others must be, at least put something sensible or don't comment at all if you don't have something constructive to say. Most people when reading these items of "Your Harlow" in return comments want to improve Harlow not laugh at people who do so wrong & their stupid "jokes"

Dave the roadsweeper ..had same broom 30 years,
2022-10-25 09:54:07

Jacy .probly not your real name either .have a laugh and lighten up..life too short ..great to have a laugh now and again

Bingo champion
2022-10-25 09:59:46

Jacy is just unhappy because she lost at bingo

Dave the road sweeper ..had same broom 30 years
2022-10-25 15:55:15

Jacy maybe unhappy as she won at bingo

2022-10-25 19:58:05

Lool you guys need to grow up, Jacy is my real name , you guys need to stop hiding behind a screen

Ivor Fullhouse
2022-10-26 09:37:37

Jacy, calm down and get those (legs 11) on the floor. Its good to have a little banter, however (unlucky for some 13), not everyone can. I cant see (blind 40) what the problem is. Relax, deep breath and you will be (half way there 45). My sister and I (Two fat ladies 88) wish you all the best. Sorry if you think were quackers (two little ducks 22).