Planning Matters: Residents object to bid for Air BnB/Hotel in The Chantry

News / Wed 26th Oct 2022 at 10:17am

PLANS to convert a house in The Chantry area of Harlow into an Air B n B have been submitted to Harlow Council.

A number of objections have been made to the proposal.

The full proposal can be found on the Harlow Council planning portal.


Number: HW/FUL/22/00398


I live in a residential area, if I wanted to live near a hotel I would live in a commercial area. This proposal goes against community cohesion.

We will have an endless stream of unknown people staying from day to day who therefore have no regard for impact on the neighbours relating to noise, rubbish, anti-social behaviour or parking.

A stream of hotel guests increases the traffic & parking congestion in the locality as well negatively impacting upon the neighbours who have chosen to live in a residential conservation area.

The current occupiers of 29 The Chantry have several adults living there already –

Are they moving out? This is relevant as if they are not going to be there when ‘hosting’ guests in the b&b/hotel they are not impacted upon, just the families who live in the street.

I have lived in this area for over a decade, many, many people raise their children here; the owners of number 29 have owned the house for 6 months & do not seem to recognise that the area is for families not commerce.


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4 Comments for Planning Matters: Residents object to bid for Air BnB/Hotel in The Chantry:

Nicholas Taylor
2022-10-26 13:36:29

Former Council/corporation homes have a Covenant on them which would preclude this use. The Council should have refused such permission before anyone went to the expense of trying to get Planning Permission.

View from Afar
2022-10-26 15:26:36

I believe this has happened before in a former council house in Spencer’s Croft. People were booking it through AirBnB for parties and from what I remember they made a mess of the place apart from the noise the neighbours had to suffer etc.

Karen Mash
2022-10-26 19:15:26

We have lived in the Chantry for 28 years in a conservation area and have respected that. This is a popular area for families to live our very own green space, good schools and good rail connections to London and Stansted. So I can understand why they have obviously purchased this house to have a B&B commercial business without a thought of the impact on surrounding residents. Pure greed!! rent it to a family who needs it as rental accommodation is hard to come by. Do we need even more problems of antisocial behaviour that could come with visiting guests. Whatever happened to people buying houses because they want to better themselves and live in them!!

2022-11-01 13:00:51

There are a good number of objections to this, I hope our local councillors support these objections, if they don't, they won't relish knocking on my door for my vote

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