Man taken to hospital after assault at the Essex Skipper

Crime / Sat 29th Oct 2022 am31 11:20am

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched after a man was assaulted at The Essex Skipper in The Stow.

An Essex Police spokespersaon said: “We were called to reports of an assault at the venue at around 10.45pm last night (28 October).

“One man, in his 50s, was taken to hospital.

“His injuries are not believed to be serious. Our enquiries continue”.

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7 Comments for Man taken to hospital after assault at the Essex Skipper:

Lorraine Parker
2022-10-29 17:10:24

As I said on the Facebook post you do not state if this was inside or outside, this could actually be nothing to do with the pub and the way you have written it is left to interpretation, I regularly drink here and the landlady has worked so hard to turn it into a place people want to go to again….so I hope you know for a fact it happened in the pub! You can ruin a pubs trade with hearsay.

2022-10-29 22:40:12

Inside or outside. It’s the store area.

Lorraine Parker
2022-10-30 09:06:36

It may well be but it states at the skipper..if they want to say the stow area then say that.

Pauline S
2022-10-30 10:20:09

It's a fact that drinking in excess is harmful to the drinker and too many drunks want a fight which makes things worse - wherever the site!

Donna B
2022-10-30 15:09:04

I was there last night with a group of friends watching a band play, the atmosphere was amazing and everyone had a great night. The landlady and bar staff are all friendly and welcoming. If people are out for a fight they will fight no matter where they are and it isnt down to the pub. I've been there a few times this year and never had any trouble.

Bert puttocks
2022-10-30 17:03:51

Best pub in the stow bar none

2022-11-01 15:34:08

One of the best run Pubs in Harlow... Shame there was trouble. But no shame on the Establishment...

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