Mayfield Bakery plea not to be forgotten about

Business / Sat 29th Oct 2022 at 11:41am

THESE are worrying times for many businesses in Harlow.

The cost of living crisis and the energy crisis are just matters that weigh heavily on business owners minds.

For Mayfield Bakery, there is also the challenge of the new Gilden Way junction.

YH went down to Mayfield Bakery, just opposite the Gibberd Gardens, to speak to Karen Pridige about the challenges ahead.

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8 Comments for Mayfield Bakery plea not to be forgotten about:

2022-10-29 12:31:18

£7.50 for a sit in sausage roll is why. The lady was actually embarrassed to serve it.

2022-10-29 13:04:47

Been twice since the new road and looked closed. Chairs on tables. Now looking to support other local trade that actually wants it. Sorry mayfield bakery but you have sent your own clear message to not only myself but the people I was with. Used to be a great place which has let itself down gradually over the years. Some businesses look to anything else they can blame for their demise but sometimes it’s worth looking at yourself and what has changed such as staffing attitudes, products, parking, if you look open - none of which is anything to do with government, roads or cost of living. Felt it needed saying. Sad to say but what should be at the heart of these businesses is service not from the customer but the business. Offer great service and customers won’t vote with their feet feels like so many businesses have forgotten this basic principle.

2022-10-29 17:59:31

The new junction has made a huge difference. We used to drop in to buy bread, or cakes or to treat ourselves but now we have to go around the junction roundabout , we can’t turn right into Mulberry Green and have to go right down to the Mark Hall roundabout adding a couple of miles to our journey. I can understand they have had to cut their range off the menu and cakes, etc. Because people aren’t visiting but it’s chicken & egg. Not the same good range and it’s not worth making the effort to go.

2022-10-29 23:54:49

I went to buy a loaf of bread and it was 2.95 shocking i would always pop in but your price have gone up too much now people cannot afford your prices you need to look again and do some promotions to get people in i went a while back with friends 4 breakfasts and a few coffees came to over 60.00 how do you justify £11.00 for a full breakfast . People have not forgotten about you they just can't afford your high prices and are going elsewhere sorry .

2022-10-30 12:28:08

You are far too expensive...

Nicholas Taylor
2022-10-30 12:49:10

A quick check of similar establishments in the area shows Mayfield Bakery to be competitively priced for the size of breakfast provided. The simple fact is that with soaring costs, prices have jumped considerably. The price of energy for businesses has quadrupled in the last year. Many will go out of business if things continue in this way.

geoff turner
2022-11-01 11:23:01

i have lived in old harlow for over fifty years and loved going here and before they were there to the farm but they are just far to expensive now you should look to drop your prices if you want people to come back you are still based in harlow no knightsbridge.what happened to being local for local people at fair prices sorry but you only have to blame yourselfs

2022-11-02 02:42:23

Such a shame loved getting my mum and her friend lunch but 16 pound for 4 filled round rolls was too expensive

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