Proposals for new council housing in Arkwrights set to go before planning committee

News / Wed 2nd Nov 2022 at 10:46am

PROPOSALS for eight new council homes in Arkwrights are set to go before Harlow Council’s planning committee.

The proposals are for: the erection of eight two-storey terraced homes for the provision of social housing.

The proposals consist of the erection of two separate buildings to allow for the continuation of the access route off Arkwrights that leads to the Community Garden.

The scheme is a Council-led housing development which whilst only minor in scale, has received a large number of objections, and therefore is considered appropriate to be considered at the Planning Committee.

The proposal seeks to demolish the existing garages on site to erect two rows containing
4 x two-storey 3-bedroom dwellings either side of a landscaped central area that would
provide a link from Arkwrights to the existing community allotment gardens to the south of
the site. The dwellings would be provided as social housing to increase the Council’s
social housing stock.

Each dwelling would be provided with two off-street parking spaces within a front garden area, alongside one disabled parking bay at the centre of the site.

The proposed design would be contemporary in form with a projecting front gable on each
central end of the two terraces, with a dual-pitch roof design. A mix of red and buff brick
would be used as the primary materials, which would be broken up with red brick
projecting feature walls and the use of steel.

Summary of Representations Received
In total, 10 representations were received, of which 8 were objections to the proposal.
The following comments were received that are material to the consideration of this
planning application:


  • Good use of under-utilised space to provide Council homes. Nice public amenity
  • Support for the proposal, provided that the design is attractive and in keeping with
    the locality.
  • Objection
  • Members of the public feel mis-led in being informed that the garages would be
    knocked down to create a car park, following which the car park was laid out, only
    for the proposed planning application to be submitted.
  • New dwellings are not wanted in this location
  • A member of public was asked to give up their garage which they had paid for and
    had access to for many years, under the impression that the garages would be
    demolished to be used as a public car park. They were asked if they wanted a
    garage back to which they replied yes, but received no response.
  • Impact on parking conditions, which are already very bad and will be worsened. It
    is already extremely difficult to find an on-street parking space.
  • Could green spaces surrounding Harlow not be used to provide new residential
  • Proposal will result in increased problems with traffic and parking in locality.
  • The development will result in a decrease in safety within the locality.
  • The site should be used for car parking
  • The development will be very visually prominent from the rear garden windows of
    neighbouring properties
  • Loss of privacy of the gardens that adjoin the Arkwrights allotment.
  • Loss of daylight and sunlight arising from the development


The matter will be discussed on Wednesday November 9th at 7.30pm. Harlow Council, The Water Gardens.

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8 Comments for Proposals for new council housing in Arkwrights set to go before planning committee:

2022-11-02 10:58:42

No doubt the objections will be encored! You cannot stand in the way of degradation of our society

2022-11-02 11:39:40

Well that was a bit sneaky, Tell the people that are renting garages that they will knock them down to use the area as open parking and them build on the site, I doubt if they will get away with pulling that one again.

David Forman
2022-11-02 11:56:25

More council houses are most welcome. Perhaps a lot of the NIMBY's don't realise that poorly paid workers need council housing to be able to have a reasonable standard of living.

2022-11-02 13:38:39

This will then push the garage stock onto decline and what happens for those wanting to rent garages? According to official council correspondence places like ladyshot have massive waiting lists of 30+ people wanting to rent garages.

Gordon Bennett
2022-11-02 14:52:08

Harlow council can’t even look after the houses they got already full of damp and mould , Take the rent and don’t do any repairs, or is it because it’s a Tory council

John M
2022-11-02 14:58:42

I know this article is about housing but people waiting to rent garages?? don't make me laugh. We recently had 24 new garages built in Upper Mealines now at least half of them are used as storage units whilst their 'owners' park their cars on the road. Strongly believe Harlow council should insist/enforce that garages are used for vehicles only.

2022-11-02 15:23:14

I don’t think that in a civilised society anybody should be paid so little for a full time job, that they cannot afford to live in that society. It’s a recipe for revolution. You can read about it in history books.

2022-11-02 18:16:42

Pretty sure parking is already a nightmare around there - I know two off-street parking spaces are being provided per home but watch that eventually overspill.

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