Developer seeks feedback on new family homes in Harlow

Business / Mon 7th Nov 2022 at 08:33am

CHELMSFORD-based developer Anderson has launched a public consultation with local residents to discuss proposals to bring forward up to 38 family-sized homes on the outskirts of Old Harlow. The land is already allocated in Harlow’s adopted Local Plan under ‘East of Harlow’.

Anderson would like to hear residents’ views on the proposals so that the final design is properly informed and reflective of the community’s aspirations regarding placemaking and character. A public consultation event is taking place on Tuesday, November 15th, 2022. The consultation event will display the emerging design proposals for the new homes and public open spaces, and this will provide residents with the opportunity to speak to the project team, ask questions and provide feedback.

A community webinar will take place on Wednesday, November 16th, 2022, for anyone who is unable to attend the consultation event. Details on how register can be found on the website along with further information on the proposals – www.moorhallroad-anderson.co.uk

The full details of consultation event are:

Tuesday, November 15th, 2022 from 4pm to 8pm

Harlow Cricket Club, Chippingfield, Harlow, CM17 0DJ

The consultation event has been organised to invite residents to have their say on the emerging proposals before they are finalised and submitted to Harlow Council.

Anderson’s Associate Land & Planning Director, Tim Chilvers, said:

“We are hopeful that there will be support for our ambitions to build a scheme of the very highest quality. The site itself is relatively self-contained and it therefore affords an opportunity to set a benchmark for any future development being brought forward by others.  Our architects have been careful to take account of our nearest neighbours and we put ourselves in their shoes when considering things like privacy and designing new homes that respect the prevailing character of Old Harlow. We are genuinely excited to meet with residents and to understand the ways in which our design can improve and to share our commitment to quality homes that are net zero”.

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6 Comments for Developer seeks feedback on new family homes in Harlow:

Matthew Taylor
2022-11-07 19:50:06

As a person who lives in windmill fields, it will not be good feed back from me. With the mess of gilden way having more home in a town that can’t take it on small roads and with no infrastructure in play before you even think about building homes!

Kim Oconnor
2022-11-07 19:51:01

We are going to flood, before long. We are flooding now.

2022-11-08 19:29:15

Where is the parking in those images? There might be "Improved connectivity between Churchgate Street and the East of Harlow strategic site", but that sure as hell is not a substitute for a motorvehicle.

2022-11-09 15:46:22

Would like to know what infrastructure is planned. The existing facilities are already under strain. I guess building “just” 38 homes means it isn’t the developers priority or responsibility?

Shenagh Waddoup
2022-11-30 21:54:03

I am a resident of Elmbridge CM170JU which is very close to this proposed site. I have lived here for over forty years.The Anderson scheme per se appears to have taken some consideration of how the new homes might fit into the existing area and the homes themselves promise to be constructed well with future proofing inbuilt in terms of the green economy, however I am very concerned that this development is just the beginning of a gradual encroachment of concrete on what has traditionally been open farmland. We already have thousands of new homes in Gilden Park, and similar numbers in Church Langley and New Hall.I know that many of my fellow residents and neighbours are concerned that we are being surrounded on all sides by new developments and the local communities are struggling to meet the existing demands on road infrastructure and services. New developments need to be expanded gradually and incorporated into existing communities in a measured way, allowing blending and harmony to prevail. I am not convinced at all that the reuse of brownfield sites has been fully explored in our area. Once we build on greenfield sites these areas are lost forever to wildlife and our capacity to ‘breathe’ and be connected to the land in a meaningful way.

2022-12-02 11:27:48

No more new homes until we get a new hospital that can cope.

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