Damning report reveals levels of poor health, low incomes in Harlow but maps the future ahead

Communities / Wed 9th Nov 2022 pm30 01:21pm

Photo courtesy of Frank O’Hare

A DETAILED report lays bare the poor physical and mental state of many people in Harlow.

The report is a Health and Well-Being Strategy and details the state of Harlow residents physical health, mental health, educational attainment and income to name just a few.

But the very detailed report looks at the way forward and possible solutions.


YH will be reporting from the meeting and interviewing key personnel.

However, before that, we have extracted the key statistical findings from the report.

It gives a sense of the battle ahead.

The matter will be discussed at the Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday November 16th before going on to Cabinet and Council.

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9 Comments for Damning report reveals levels of poor health, low incomes in Harlow but maps the future ahead:

2022-11-09 14:10:57

Shame fuel companies and supermarkets do not think the same about low income. Fuel prices way to high in Harlow. Enfield and Abridge at least 10p a litre cheaper for Petrol. Maybe contact Robert Halfon ? I did with no response.

2022-11-09 15:45:09

Omg that is really bad!!! Our area is going down, didnt realized it is so bad Time to move out , its going to be just worst

Nicholas Taylor
2022-11-09 18:03:38

Residents in Harlow have always been ripped off by local petrol stations. Check out the cost of items at the Tesco in the Town Centre composed with those at Church Langley and Edinburgh Way, they are often a lot more. So much for every little helps!

2022-11-09 20:54:08

Is this a surprise to anybody? Having only left secondary school in Harlow near enough a decade ago and leaving for Bishop's Stortford before university, you can see a world of difference between the two towns in terms of the quality of education and opportunities.

Colin Thorpe
2022-11-10 12:12:45

To try and alleviate some these problems the idea of Potter Street Health and Wellbeing Hub was put forward to the Council in 2018 Potter Street Health and Wellbeing Hub became a Charity in 2021 with the promise that the disused surgery at Osler House would be repaired for the Trust's use as a Wellbeing Hub It's a damning report which reflects badly on the present administration who are still dragging their feet on the repairs to Osler House

Jennifer Steadman
2022-11-10 12:38:07

Air pollution in Harlow is appalling!! I've been taking readings in my road using the app recommended by the Ella Roberta foundation (9 yr old girl who was the 1st person whos death was officially recorded as being a direct result of air pollution) since the Gilden Way, junction 7a, Gilden Park developments. All readings exceed the WHO recommended levels with some of being 3X over the advised safe levels!! I already have lung disease & have noted a distinct deterioration in my health!! If I could afford to move, I would!! I'd be very interested to know how many children are being diagnosed with new respiratory issues as the last reading I took near Harlowbury School was in the 69th percentile? Green Party Peer Jenny Jones is pushing for a 'clean air bill' #ellaslaw launched in May 2022 & this is something we should all be supporting for our town & for our children!

2022-11-10 13:38:22

Colin Thorpe, I am surprised you levy no criticism at the previous Labour administration, who spent £ 200,000 of taxpayers' money acquiring the site and then, prior to COVID, proceeded to sit on it, doing absolutely nothing for two years, allowing it to deteriorate, adding to the costs of refurbishment.

David Forman
2022-11-11 09:36:25

Inactivity and obesity is a factor. The prevalence of so many takeaway food shops is noticeable. The government need to force food companies to reduce sugar, fat and salt in processed food. Trans fat, derived from hydrogenating vegetable oils, needs to be banned. In 2015, the Food and Drug Administration in the USA said thousands of heart attacks and deaths could be prevented each year by removing partially hydrogenated oils from processed foods. Trans fats are known to increase insulin resistance and increase bad LDL cholesterol. Unfortunately, in the UK the food industry is wagging the tail of government. Also, sugar consumption needs to be reduced. The adverse health effects of excess sugar consumption have been known since Professor John Yudkin published his 'Pure, White and Deadly' book in 1972.

Colin Thorpe
2022-11-11 15:54:00

My apologies James yes there should be equal blame for the lack of progress to repairing Osler House my mistake on when the Conservative gained control of Harlow

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