Nurses across UK back strikes in pay dispute

Health / Wed 9th Nov 2022 at 03:56pm

NURSES across the UK have voted to strike over pay with action expected to start by the end of the year reports the BBC.

The walkout will involve Royal College of Nursing members in more than half of hospitals and community teams, but emergency care will still be staffed.

Nurses in every service in Scotland and Northern Ireland voted for action. In Wales all but one health board did.

But in England the turnout was too low in nearly half of NHS trusts for strike action to take place.

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6 Comments for Nurses across UK back strikes in pay dispute:

B Collins
2022-11-09 18:01:34

Good, I hope these nurses get better pay. Its a shame that government think they can pay people minimal wages when nurses play such a vital role in society and caring for the sick. I think people ought to email local MPs to support these nurses get a pay rise. There is no initiative for future generations to get into nursing because the pay it so little. Better paid nurses, will provide a better service. Im all for this and will contact Robert Halfon stating my support for this strike.

Tony Durcan
2022-11-09 18:45:26

Slight correction ,the nurses at PAH didn’t not vote for strike action as less than 50% of those who could I have voted for or against strike action chose not to return their ballot papers. As the RCN received less than 50% returns the ballot is void. The local mental health trust also failed to reach the 50% threshold so again their vote is void. Hertford community nurse did return over 50% and they will be taking part in strike action. The west Essex ICB returned more than 50%. Tony Durcan RCN

2022-11-09 20:37:20

We destroyed the UK for two years to protect this failing institution and this is how we are repaid. The greed of the public sector knows no end while they happily tax and destroy those who pay for it, after impacting massive damage on everyone. lets just end the national disgrace which is the NHS PAH is not fit to treat animals never mind people. Reform the it along side the European models which off much better service but have many less HR and diversity co Ordinator's enforcing woke.

2022-11-09 20:44:19

This is bad, I never agree with strike action, anyone in any job should be sacked for not turning out to work, ya all know your salary when you start the job - striking is old hat and should never be slowed, especially in any emergency service! However I do agree nurses deserve more, especially after my weekend at Broomfield this weekend and previously with A and E at Harlow who are absolutely fantastic and do so much to get you through the system as quick as possible! There needs to be a better way to make changes! Like myself and many others who only got a 2% pay rise, sometimes you gotta think, hey I have a job, I still pay mortgage and have a roof over my head and my 2 toddlers, and yes I have to sacrifice some luxuries!

David Forman
2022-11-11 09:05:28

I hope the RCN nurses at PAH don't moan the next time their pay is cut. What a useless organisation RCN is. It is not even a proper union as it is not affiliated to the Trades Union Congress. Some nurses falsely believe that they have to be members of RCN for their registration and for nursing practice support. Their registration is handled by the NMC and practice support is also supplied by Unison. Nurses, join a proper union, join Unison.

2022-12-28 14:27:06

Good luck to all NHS staff fighting for better pay and conditions! You deserve better and I stand with you. Ignore comments that might make you feel guilty for your decision to strike; of course it’s a difficult choice to make, and I doubt it was taken lightly, it’s clearly a last resort. I stand with you!

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