Brexit-backing Next boss says UK needs more overseas workers

Business / Thu 10th Nov 2022 at 09:33am

THE boss of retailer Next is urging the government to let more foreign workers into the UK to ease labour shortages reports the BBC.

Lord Wolfson, who was a prominent advocate of Brexit, said the UK’s current immigration policy was crippling economic growth.

He said firms should pay a tax to employ foreign workers, to encourage them to recruit from the UK first.

The government said it had delivered on its promise to “take back control of our immigration system”.

“Unemployment is at record lows and it’s vital we continue to bring in excellent key workers the UK needs, including thousands of NHS doctors and nurses through the Health and Care Visa and the Seasonal Workers scheme which brings in the workforce our farmers and growers need,” a government spokesperson said.

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9 Comments for Brexit-backing Next boss says UK needs more overseas workers:

2022-11-10 11:42:41

How ironic.

John Davis
2022-11-10 12:16:36

Unemployment may be at a record low, but it's now at a level where the economy is being damaged by the shortage of workers. Seems we needed those EU workers who were discouraged enough by Brexit to leave the country. Wolfson wanted Brexit, got Brexit, and is now complaining about the consequences. According to the BBC he said that it's "definitely not the Brexit that I wanted, or indeed, many of people who voted Brexit wanted." Really? If you wanted it and you voted for it and you swallowed the lies to get it, then you own it. All of it. Brexit is whatever the ERG Tories have decided it is. As for the workers queuing up to come in and do the jobs, that's a fantasy. They can work easily across 27 countries with no red tape, better conditions and pay. Why would they wish to come here where they no longer feel wanted? Where their time spent here may no longer count towards pension time qualification in their home country? I note the Brexiteer government spin. The truth, as always, is rather different. The increase in the NHS workforce is almost matched by the numbers leaving it. So actually very little improvement there - just a desperate struggle to keep up. And if we're bringing in the seasonal workforce our farmers need, how come the press (not so much the Brexit-supporting press of course) has been full of reports of unpicked crops being left to rot? Every time you pay a bill, remember that it is higher than it would have been without Brexit. Everywhere else has Covid and Ukraine related costs, but only we, only the UK, have added extra Brexit costs. Imported gas, food, raw materials all higher due to the Brexit fall in the pound, with added costs from the loss of EU workers and the new red tape we were promised wouldn't exist. All these have increased the Covid and Ukraine cost burden and all are unique to the UK. Brexit means Brexit remember, and we are now having to pay for Tory ERG deceit, broken promises and Brexit-induced costs. This is what Harlow voted for, and this is what Harlow has got. With much more to come. It's The Will Of The People, particularly Harlow people who voted for it.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-11-10 13:55:42

An endless supply of cheap labour will never solve this problem. Anyone starting at the 'bottom' from wherever they come from will always aspire to improve themselves, becoming a supervisor, then duty manager and the manager etc, meaning that new staff are always needed at the bottom of the ladder. Zero hours contracts, low pay and a benefit system which does not encourage people to work more than 16 hours a week are far more likely to be the cause of staff shortages. There are now more people not working than ever before. John, if things are much better in the EU why are tens of thousands of people crossing the Chanel illegally each year?

2022-11-10 14:20:49

Great comments John Davis although I would disagree that there is better pay in all of the 27 EU countries (but better in non EU countries like Norway which has freedom of movement I believe with the EU). Nicholas Taylor, how many migrants stay in Europe, they don't all cross the channel, of those that do a good proportion come from unpleasant countries like Syria, Iraq and Iran. So, will Lord Wolfson resign for his failure of leadership?

David Forman
2022-11-10 14:49:22

Try ending disgracefully exploitative zero hours contracts, paying a decent wage and treating people at the bottom end of the economic ladder like human beings. The bosses want cheap and productive young foreign workers to suppress wages. UK businesses need to improve productivity through technology and management techniques.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-11-10 16:41:07

Voteforme, according to the latest census information, published recently by yourharlow, there were 50 people born in Iraq, 56 in Afghanistan, 84 in Iran and none in Syria. However 2101 were born in Romania, 1781 in Poland and 1573 in other EU countries. What struck me about these figures and throw doubt on how accurate they are, despite all the Turkish barbers and shop owners, not a single person living in Harlow was born in Turkey.

Staff Reporter
2022-11-10 16:47:27

Nick, As we said, we didn't name every country (that is why there is the link to full list) but as you asked Turkey came in with 442.

2022-11-11 07:17:39

Lol you got what you voted for. Enjoying the sunlit uplands eh? Who would have guessed that Brexit was a bad idea? I mean, it's not like you all were warned now? Oh, what's that? You were?! Huh. How about that. Well, good old case of cake and something about eating it, huh?

2022-11-11 16:24:31

'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs man who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party.

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