Women’s night- time safety survey launches

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ESSEX County Council (ECC) has teamed up with the University of Essex to lead a research project about women’s safety at night.

Following a countywide survey conduced by ECC on women’s safety late last year, it was evident that women felt most unsafe at night with 47% of respondents stating this. The survey also found that 21% of women felt unsafe in pubs, clubs and bars at night with 45% of women avoiding certain nightlife or hospitality venues because they made them feel unsafe.

Residents are being asked to share their views on night-time safety with a particular focus on anything related to businesses and services that run during the night such as pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants. While this research is focused around women’s safety, the survey is open to both men and women.

As part of ECC’s commitment to making the county safer for women and supporting them in feeling safer too, this research project is one of the many initiatives launched by the Safety Advisory Group (SAG).

The SAG works with partners, support organisations, and residents, to gain a better understanding of the real fears people, in particular women have about safety. It then aims to address these issues and bring about positive change.

The online survey takes around 5-10 minutes to complete and responses will be used to inform future work of the SAG.

Deputy Leader of Essex County Council and Chair of the Safety Advisory Group, Cllr Louise McKinlay said: “We want all women to feel safe when out at night, and we hope that this research will help us to understand how we can address the key challenges and issues faced. By inviting men to also take part in the research, we hope to better understand perceptions from their point of view too.”

“We are pleased to be working with a very talented team from the University of Essex to conduct this research and I look forward to seeing what the research reveals.”

Dr Noelia-Sarah Reynolds and Dr Juneho Um, from Essex Business School at the University of Essex are leading the research.

Dr Reynolds said: “We are delighted to be carrying out this research, which will not only help to make women feel safer when they go out in the county at night, but will also be of benefit to the economy and businesses operating in the area. 

“I am very keen for research to have a broader societal impact – this is a clear example of how research can make a difference in the community.”

Dr Um added: “It is a privilege to be involved in research aimed at making people feel supported and safe and to see, in turn, what impact this has on the night-time economy.”

The survey is open until Sunday 18 December and can be found at: Women’s Safety at Night (Survey) (qualtrics.com) 

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2022-11-12 17:05:02

Why just woman ? Everyone needs to feel safe 🙏 can you imagine how many young man have been attacked and maybe sexualy attacked but to ashamed to tell anyone! No one is safe in this town anymore ! Who knows the solution! But no one will scare me to stay indoors ! Just be aware and don't go down silly cycle tracks alone ! And a be aware of people and stay safe !

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