Chancellor: Jeremy Hunt: Everyone will have to pay more tax

Business / Sun 13th Nov 2022 at 05:43pm

EVERYONE will have to pay more tax under plans due to be announced on Thursday, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt says reports the BBC.

Offering a message few ministers would risk saying out loud, Mr Hunt told the BBC: “I’ve been explicit that taxes are going to go up.”

He confirmed he would be giving details about further help for those struggling with energy bills, but warned there had to be constraints on help.

Labour accused the Conservatives of making a “total mess” of the economy.

Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves said Mr Hunt was choosing to tax working people, while doing “little to close tax loopholes which mean some of the wealthiest don’t pay their fair share”.


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5 Comments for Chancellor: Jeremy Hunt: Everyone will have to pay more tax:

2022-11-13 21:08:27

Never we have to cut waste in the government spending. Never the gov has to stop giving away money like it did the other day in COP27. It is time to stop the greed of the state.

View from Afar
2022-11-14 11:24:53

It’s it a pity MP’s don’t set an example to the rest of us. £84K+ a year, don’t turn up in parliament every day, claiming they’re working for their constituents! They can’t even get some of the civil servants back to work, many still working from home, saving travel expenses etc but probably still getting London weighting. Most of the general public have to be at work every day The only time you usually see the MP’s is when they want your vote. The reason a lot of the MP’s are worried now is because they’re afraid of losing their cushy jobs and the perks that go with it. They’d never find another job like the one they’ve got now.

2022-11-14 12:30:52

If you go against you Election Manifesto year after year it will be you looking for a new job. Remember people have the power to vote if you keep Stitching us up.

2022-11-14 12:39:10

I predict a riot.

David Forman
2022-11-14 23:20:58

Perhaps the HMRC could invest in more staff to recoup the £34 billion of tax was never collected in 2015/16 and which hovers around that figure every year (source Full Fact).

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