Robert Halfon MP backs Chancellor’s budget plans

News / Fri 18th Nov 2022 at 11:42am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has responded to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s November statement.

Mr Halfon said: “As a country, we face an incredibly difficult economic situation. The £400 billion economic response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, as well as the increase in inflation and energy bills as a direct result of the terrible war in Ukraine, has placed an unprecedented strain on the public purse. With national debt at such a high level, it is right that the Government takes action to reduce this and balance the books in order to drive down inflation which will go further to help people with the cost of living. 

“Yet despite the challenging economic circumstances, the Chancellor’s Autumn statement restores our economic stability and, crucially, it also prioritises support for the most vulnerable, protects key public services through investment in schools and our NHS, and creates a fair plan to help people and businesses in Harlow get through the tough times ahead.  

“So what does this mean in practice for Harlow? First, £12 billion of extra, targeted support is being provided next year to help 8 million vulnerable households with the cost of living, on top of the payments which are already being provided this year. This means additional payments of £900 for every Harlow resident on means-tested benefits, £300 extra for Harlow pensioners, and an extra £150 for disabled people. The announcement to extend the Energy Price Guarantee means every Harlow household will receive at least £500 of support. Moreover, the National Living Wage will also increase to £10.42 per hour which equals a £1,600 pay rise for every Harlow resident in full-time work. 

“Second, the Government is also delivering on its commitment to uprate benefits in line with inflation, protect the Pensions Triple Lock and raise pensions in line with inflation too. This will mean every pensioner will receive an £870 increase in April. 

“Third, the Chancellor also announced that there will be a 7% cap on social housing rents which will mean every Harlow resident living in these circumstances will save a further £200. 

“Fourth – protecting public services. An extra £11 billion has been announced for the NHS and education over the next two years. Schools in Harlow will receive their share of the additional £2.3 billion of new funding this year, and next year. This comes on top of the £3.8 billion investment in skills over this Parliament, the £2.6 billion allocated for Pupil Premium and the additional £5 billion of Catch-Up funding. Public spending for the next two years will be protected at the levels set out in 2021 and will then increase further every year. This will mean our streets will be safer with more officers on the beat. 

“Whilst these are difficult times, residents will know that I have long campaigned for the Government to support the most vulnerable, cut the cost of living, boost skills and control migration. This Autumn Statement provides a number of welcome measures which will support all of Harlow’s residents over the coming months. Please be assured I will continue to work hard for Harlow and the villages to ensure we build a stronger and better Harlow.”

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9 Comments for Robert Halfon MP backs Chancellor’s budget plans:

David Forman
2022-11-18 11:57:44

As the Office of Budget Responsility made clear yesterday, "In the UK, CPI inflation is set to peak at a 40-year high of 11 per cent in the current quarter, and the peak would have been a further 2½ percentage points higher without the energy price guarantee." (See page 5 of link at end) Also, OBR say, "Measures announced both alongside and since our March 2022 forecast – mainly via the energy price guarantee and successive tranches of cost-of-living payments – raise the level of Real Household Disposable Income per person by 4½ per cent in 2022-23 and 2½ per cent in 2023-24, relative to what would otherwise have occurred (a 3½ per cent average boost over the two years)." (see page 18) So not a bad budget considering the circumstances. OBR report: https://obr.uk/download/economic-and-fiscal-outlook-november-2022/

2022-11-18 12:15:43

Or the gov could have canceled HS2 which would save more money than the autumn statement and with out the pain that is coming

2022-11-18 13:57:28

Let me correct you Robert, only Pensioners who retired AFTER 2016 will receive £870 . Pensioners who retired before 2016 will only receive £728. Please get your facts right before assuming we all get the high amount, Just the same as not every household in Harlow will get £200 pound off our Council tax 2022/23. Instead of saying all people, in future you should say some people.

2022-11-18 13:59:05

Does RH "back" Jeremy Hunt's budget in the same way that he also "backed" the KamiKwasi budget? Or does he somehow "back" this budget in a different way to the way he also "backed" the previous budget? Will he also be asking us to give Hunt/Rush! "a chance" in the same way he wanted to give Liz Truss a "chance", and the many, many, many chances he gave Boris? Does RH back the 23% fuel duty rise, when he said in March this year "We need to cut fuel duty and set up a new regulator to protect motorists"? Does RH acknowledge that the tax rises would have been less if, during the pandemic, the Government had not acted fast and loose, dropping the most basic checks and controls on grants and guaranteed loans? Will RH confirm that an official table of the estimates of fraud and error across Whitehall and local government prepared for MPs shows the taxpayer was defrauded by up to £20.1 billion?

2022-11-18 14:12:38

On 23rd September Robert Halfon backed the budget of kwasi Kwarteng. Now he is backing yesterday''s budget which takes us in a totally different direction. You, like me, voted remain but unlike me you changed position, to keep your job perhaps. How do we really know what you actually stand for? Are you embarrassed, if not ashamed, or your constantly changing position? And don't forget you told us not so long ago that your party was cutting taxes, not even true back then. Will you resign on principle if the expected increase in fuel duty happens. I missed mention of our new hospital, has that been binned?

gary roberts
2022-11-18 17:55:25

Did anyone expect Mr. Halfon as a government minister not to accept Mr. Hunt's budget? If he didn't then he must resign and that would mean an end to his political career and enhanced pension. But we know nobody resigns or is sacked today in Conservative politics apart from Cllr. Carter! As for the budget no one wins sadly.

2022-11-19 00:25:11

Wait? Isn't Robert Halfon the same guy who backed the previous budget which wiped out people's incomes by hiking up rent and mortgages? Oh yeah - he is! Sorry Robert - the people of Harlow won't forget this.

2022-11-20 12:01:14


Jackie Williams
2022-11-20 21:48:44

You won't be voted for again

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