Budget for 40 new NHS hospitals (inc new one for Harlow) faces real-terms cut of £700m, say Lib Dems

Health / Mon 21st Nov 2022 at 09:55am

PLANS by the government to construct and renovate 40 hospitals in England could be delayed because of new analysis suggesting the health and social care department’s capital spending budget faces a real-terms cut of £700m next year, according to the Liberal Democrats.

With some hospitals said to be in dire need of repair, the health secretary twice refused to say on Sunday that the NHS was functioning properly and instead admitted it was under “severe pressure” reports The Guardian.

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9 Comments for Budget for 40 new NHS hospitals (inc new one for Harlow) faces real-terms cut of £700m, say Lib Dems:

gary roberts
2022-11-21 10:02:05

"Budget for 40 new NHS hospitals (inc new one for Harlow) faces real-terms cut of £700m" Mr. Halfon do you agree? If not please explain why?

2022-11-21 12:08:01

Taken from the Autumn Statement Protecting vital public services In ensuring sustainable public spending, the government’s focus is on protecting vital public services, prioritising the needs of low-income households and levelling up the country. The government recognises that the NHS is under significant pressure, including from the ongoing recovery from the impact of the pandemic. The Autumn Statement therefore makes up to £8 billion of funding available for the NHS and adult social care in England in 2024-25. As part of this, the government is investing an additional £3.3 billion in each of 2023-24 and 2024-25 to support the NHS in England, enabling rapid action to improve emergency, elective and primary care performance towards pre-pandemic levels. The NHS will publish full recovery plans for the urgent and emergency care and primary care systems including interim milestones in the new year. These plans will set out detailed ambitions for recovery to deliver: improved ambulance response times for Category 2 incidents to 30 minutes on average over 2023-24, with further improvement towards pre-pandemic levels in 2024-25 year-on-year improvements in A&E waiting times over 2023-24 and 2024-25 improved access to general practice, so that everyone who needs an appointment with their GP practice can get one within two weeks, and those who need an urgent appointment can get one on the same day The NHS will continue to deliver the Elective Recovery plan published in February, and will explore further options to enable patients to make genuine choices about where to access their care from any provider - private sector or NHS - which meets NHS standards and NHS prices at both the point of GP referral and later in the pathway. This choice will be supported by radically increasing patient information, data transparency and regular monitoring of patient choice uptake. The government will continue with the New Hospital Programme to deliver healthcare more efficiently, and will introduce measures to support and grow the workforce and improve performance across the health system, including: ensuring the NHS has the workforce it needs for the future, including publishing a comprehensive workforce plan next year. This will include independently-verified forecasts for the number of doctors, nurses and other professionals that will be needed in 5, 10 and 15 years’ time, taking full account of improvements in retention and productivity further measures to support greater local decision making and freedom for healthcare professionals to do their job. This will include commissioning an independent review by Patricia Hewitt into how best the new Integrated Care Boards can work with appropriate autonomy and accountability

David Forman
2022-11-21 12:41:10

Respected former Sunday Telegraph journalist Peter Oborne looks in detail at Tory claims of '40 new hospitals' in chapter two of his book 'The Assault on Truth' published in February 2021. On page 16 he says: "At best the government has only allocated money for six hospitals." Oborne's evidence is taken from a Department of Health & Social Care Health Infrastructure Plan published 30 September 2019. In paragraph 7 of the Executive Summary it explains the plan: "The Government has announced six new large hospital builds that are receiving funding to go ahead now (aiming to deliver by 2025), and 21 more schemes that have the green light to go to the next stage of developing their plans (with the aim of being ready to deliver between 2025-2030)." The names of the lucky six new builds in the HIP1 phase are in Annexe A, one of them being PAH in Harlow. The amount of money available is £2.8 billion although later references say 2.7.

David Forman
2022-11-21 12:43:21

The Health Infrastructure Plan can be seen at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/health-infrastructure-plan

2022-11-21 17:26:26

The Health Infrastructure Plan from this government sounds like one of Baldrlck's plans, almost as good as the energy plan to give the French company EDF shed loads of money to build a nuclear reactor that doesn't work. By the time our BUPA millionaire politicians sort the nhs, energy security, the economy pigs will have learned how to fly.

2022-11-21 18:07:06

Nick, who ever you are, what ☁️☁️ are you on 😡🤬

2022-11-21 21:26:46

There is no new hospital. What kind of pillock believed there would be one in the first place?

Peter Linden
2022-11-21 22:01:13

There will be no new hospitals boris jonhsons manifesto on what he was elected on was total BS as was his brexit promises.. As a country we are basically up sugar creek without a paddle. We are a broken country and the medium to long term its going to be terrible. Everything is at an all time low apart from. Inflation. Foodbanks.. Mental health issues. Suicide. Hospitals. Roads. Rail. Rivers. Passports. Nhs waiting time. Taxes. I dont want to keep listing things that are going wrong i will be here all night, but what i am seeing on tv and hearing on the radio is rich people actually saying they need to pay more they want to pay more for the greater good of the country..,,, BUT hunt and sunek seem to want to put the burden on the working classes, thanks you useless pair of blanks ( fill on the blanks)

2022-11-21 22:05:54

Well if this story is true, although I have doubts as to what to believe, seeing as it has come from the Lib Dems, then any planned new developments must be put on an indefinite hold, until we know if the Promised new Hospital plans actually get approved. I'm well into my 70's and hope to have many more years left, but I don't expect to see it being built in my lifetime, unless I live to get a letter from the King.

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