Operation Orbital, dedicated to keeping the M25 safe, saw 152 drivers reported for traffic-related offences

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IN just one week, Operation Orbital, dedicated to keeping the M25 safe, saw 152 drivers reported for traffic-related offences.

Last week, our Road Commercial Vehicle Unit patrolled the M25 in unmarked “supercabs” in a bid to keep our roads safe. 

Adam Pipe, Head of Roads Policing, said: “Orbital’s focus was to detect and deter driver behaviour that increases the risk to everyone. 

“Clearly a significant amount of planning goes into such operations, but the results speak for themselves. In short, 185 vehicles were stopped, 152 people were reported for offences, we seized two vehicles and made one arrest. The fines issued amounted to almost £19,000.

“Our job is to make our roads safe for everyone and to deal with offenders who flout the law and put lives at risk on one of the major strategic roads in our road network.”

The week-long operation (from Monday 14 November) saw Essex Police and other forces work with National Highways, who fund the “supercabs”, and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency patrol the M25 through each of their respective counties Essex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

Sergeant Jason Dearsley, who leads Essex Police’s CVU, said at the time: “Every year there are serious collisions on the M25 and our focus throughout this operation is to tackle the factors that contribute to those collisions and to identify high harm crimes committed on our roads that put other road users at risk.

“By collaboratively working to tackle offences such non-wearing of seat belts or being distracted through using a mobile phone, we hope to reduce the number of collisions, something we are supporting through our work with the Safer Essex Road Partnership under Operation Vision Zero.

“It’s our ambition to have no road deaths by 2040 and anything we can do now to help us achieve that can only be a good thing.”

““Supercabs” help officers spot infringements of the law as they happen by allowing officers to gain a better view into the high cabs of lorries and look down into smaller vehicles and cars whilst driving on the M25.”

Of the 185, the Commercial Vehicle Unit stopped 129 commercial vehicles, 55 cars and one motorcycle. By far, the biggest offence was non-seatbelt wearing where 60 drivers were issued a fixed penalty notice which warrants a £100 fine for each of the drivers. This was followed by 27 fines for the use of a mobile phone whilst driving. The two offences coupled with excess speed and drink or drug driving are also known as the Fatal Four – offences which contribute to serious and fatal collisions.

During the operation, our officers carried out vital safety checks on commercial vehicles to check they are not overloaded, that they are road-worthy and drivers’ hours are complied with. Unfortunately, one commercial driver was fined £150 for exceeding driver hours, 13 were stopped on the hard shoulder and HGV driver who was driving without a licence was fined £300 fine and had their vehicle seized.

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