Senior Essex Police officer dismissed from the force

Crime / Fri 2nd Dec 2022 at 08:45am

A SENIOR POLICE officer has been dismissed from the force for breaching the standards of professional behaviour. 

A Gross Misconduct Hearing found that Supt Craig Saunders had not met the high standards expected of all officers and police staff. 

Led by a Legally Qualified Chair who is independent of the force, the Hearing determined that there had been breaches in the areas of:

Honesty and integrity; Authority respect and courtesy; Orders and instructions and that his actions amounted to discreditable conduct.

A number of allegations had been made and while some, as summarised above, were proven, there were some allegations which were not proven.

The case had initially been voluntarily referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct, who subsequently referred it back to Essex Police for investigation. The force’s investigation led to the Gross Misconduct Hearing, chaired by the Legally Qualified Chair Monica Daley-Campbell, who determined that it should be held in private.

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Prophet who oversees the Essex Police Professional Standards Department said:

“Our officers and police staff catch criminals and keep people safe. I expect the highest standards because that’s what the people of Essex deserve. If anyone raises a concern then we listen, we act quickly to investigate and if something is amiss, we put it right.

“The actions of this officer were utterly unacceptable and they have been sacked. His behaviour didn’t live up to the values of the overwhelming majority of our colleagues who are proud to serve our communities.”

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6 Comments for Senior Essex Police officer dismissed from the force:

2022-12-02 11:47:06

Well it begs the question why was it held in private. Why should the public not know, still I presume he will walk away with his big fat gold plated pension so I don't suppose he's bothered.

2022-12-02 17:33:26

I can see where this is going. Member of public calls police about crime, response is sorry sir we are too busy investigating each other to deal with the public, but rest assured we are catching more criminals than ever as they now all work for us! It’s beyond black comedy.

Ted Hastings
2022-12-02 19:52:32

Mary, Joseph and the wee Donkey ! Another bent copper, when will this end ?

2022-12-03 09:48:18

I had dealings direct with this policeman a few years ago regarding a matter in Harlow. Seemed really helpful and approachable and he did indeed help and improve the situation for a while. Quite shocked tbh that it turned out he was bent. Never can tell eh? Shame.

2022-12-09 16:41:37

Any large organisation has problems with the 'odd one or two'. But a good organisation knows how to deal - and acts fast.

2023-02-26 17:50:05

What about me Elliott Judge the perv who terrorised people in the 90’s…. Try and complain and get nowhere…. Shame on the police

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