Plans for Foot-Golf course in Harlow Town Park need your support

Business / Thu 8th Dec 2022 at 11:57am

A BID to launch a foot golf course where the pitch and putt course in the town park once stood needs your support.

Tens of thousands of Harlow residents used to enjoy using the scenic nine hole pitch and putt course from the seventies until it closed in the nineties.

The latest plans have created a great deal of interest and excitement but the applicants really need people to write just a few words of support in the Harlow Council planning portal.

People have been very positive on social media but just a few words would be great.

A spokesperson said: “The more positive comments received on the application, the more success we will have to making this a great addition to Harlow’s community, something that can be enjoyed by all friends and family and a great way to help support people’s physical and mental health.

“Please be sure to have your day before the planning applications closes at the the start of January 2023!”

To view the application on planning Harlow planning portal, please use the link below and enter reference number: HW/FUL/22/00208

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9 Comments for Plans for Foot-Golf course in Harlow Town Park need your support:

Brad Tredinnick
2022-12-08 14:43:27

This would be fantastic for the town.

Staff Reporter
2022-12-08 16:26:35

The applicants hope you will comment on planning website as per link.

Bert puttocks
2022-12-08 17:11:39

We'd be the envy of the entire world

Sharon Brewer
2022-12-08 21:54:44

That would be great.

2022-12-09 08:29:49

Sounds great - but wait until the vandals of this town destroy it all.

iain lindsay
2022-12-09 10:21:44

We used to have a perfectly good Pitch and Putt course there which provided many hours of enjoyment for Harlow residents for a tiny sum. If various Harlow Councils couldn't or wouldn't pay for the maintenance of that facility, what're the chances they will pay to maintain this one?

Mark M
2022-12-10 13:39:53

About time someone came up with this it would be fantastic for the Town and surrounding areas if it goes ahead I will be there well done to who ever thought of this

Christine Plume
2022-12-16 09:45:52

Anything to enhance the facilities at the town park is welcome , it’s a wonderful resource for the town

David Forman
2022-12-16 13:07:47

How much will it cost to play. Will working class kids be able to afford a round of pitch and putt?

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