Harlow’s Raindrop’s Day Nursery rated Outstanding

Education / Sun 11th Dec 2022 at 09:07am

A HARLOW DAY nursery has been rated “Outstanding” following an Ofsted inpection.

Raindrop’s Day Nursery is a Private Day Nursery based within the Meadows Children Centre at Harberts Road in Harlow and was established May 2006.

The report states:

What is it like to attend this early years setting?
The provision is outstanding

Children flourish at this nursery. This is because leaders and staff are united in
their vision to provide children with the best possible start to their learning. They
are highly ambitious for all children to develop a love of learning and achieve well.
This is consistent across the nursery. Children enjoy group activities and listen with
rapt attention. They hear new language, repeating and learning words. Staff revisit
subjects to check children’s understanding. They engage children in conversation
and skilfully encourage them to think, question and make decisions.

Children’s behaviour is exemplary. They show high regard to each other and to
staff, demonstrating behaviour that is expected. They speak politely to each other
during play, sharing and taking turns. Children are impressively self-sufficient and
keen to do things for themselves. They readily put their coats on and fasten them.
Staff help babies to be successful, showing them how to use cutlery to eat their
food and tiding up after themselves.

Children thrive in the outdoor area. They thoroughly enjoy running round and
jumping up and down. Children ride around confidently on balance bicycles and
competently climb up the wooden frame. They use magnifying glasses to look at
insects, counting and describing their patterns and their features.
What does the early years setting do well and what does it
need to do better?

Children are well supported as they move to the next stage of their learning and
there is a clear procedure in place. Staff regularly update parents at every step
of the process. The key-person and buddy system ensure children’s individual
needs are met effectively, even during the key person’s absence. Children know
that staff will help them if they need it. This provides the security for children to
become absorbed in their learning and play.

Provision for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities is
Staff have a superb understanding of what each child already knows
and what they need to learn next. They work closely with parents and other
agencies to review children’s next steps, which helps them to decide what to
teach children. Staff advocate and challenge other agencies to ensure vulnerable
children receive the help that is required, enabling all children to access a broad
curriculum successfully and make excellent progress.

Staff have high expectations for children. They praise children’s efforts when
they persevere at a task and celebrate their achievements when the task is
completed. This helps build children’s confidence in their abilities and reinforces
their positive attitudes to learning.

Leaders have an excellent and effective curriculum in place that builds on
children’s interests and helps to ensure that they make progress in their

They introduce a wide range of books to children and work with
parents to help them discover other places to enjoy reading books with their
child. This creates rich opportunities for children to develop a real love for

Staff are proficient at checking that children understand their learning. They
carefully give children time and space to explore, observing them as they play.

Staff know when to intervene in children’s play, comment on their play and ask
questions to check children’s understanding. They closely monitor children’s
well-being and progress to identify any gaps in learning, so that these can be
swiftly addressed.

Leaders provided high-quality care and opportunities for children to learn during
the COVID-19 pandemic. They adapted their approach to ensure children
continued to learn in a safe environment. Leaders engage in continuous
evaluation of this process, which has led to a gradual re-introduction of prepandemic activities and events.

Leaders place families at the centre of their approach. They provide tailored support to families and signpost them to appropriate agencies. As a result, children develop and flourish in all areas.

Partnership working with parents is exceptional. Parents say that their children
have thrived in the nursery. They provide positive comments about their
children’s experiences at the nursery, and they feel well informed about their
children’s learning. Parents praise staff for their commitment to ensuring
children and their families receive the support they need.

The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.
The safeguarding culture is very strong. Leaders and staff demonstrate a deep
understanding of safeguarding and child protection. They understand that
safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

Staff confidently talk about signs of abuse
and what actions to take should they have concern about a child in their care.

Leaders ensure staff attend regular training to ensure they maintain a good
knowledge of wider safeguarding issues and regularly check that staff understand
their role in safeguarding through spot quizzes and discussion. Robust recruitment
and vetting arrangements are in place to help ensure that all adults working with
children are suitable.

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Karen psiris
2022-12-11 10:11:39

A very well done to the manager of raindrops Mrs Chris Chaffee... knew you could do it ... well deserved

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