HTS help clear entrances of Harlow Fields school

Business / Thu 15th Dec 2022 at 04:26pm

A NUMBER of staff at HTS went down to Tendring Road in Harlow to help make the entrance to Harlow Fields school a little bit safer to enter.

The temperature hit -7 this morning but nevertheless staff took time to clear two of the entrances at the special needs school.

Many of the students at the school arrive by buses or specially adapted taxis on what is a steep road.

Thanks to HTS for helping out in what has been a very busy week for them!

HTS is the housing and maintenance arm of Harlow Council

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6 Comments for HTS help clear entrances of Harlow Fields school:

Bob Davis
2022-12-15 21:12:26

Pity that Essex County Council cannot grit for which we pay council tax for

Snow whit
2022-12-16 00:21:27

All schools should have been sorted. Pointless now they’re all closing for Christmas

Kim Burns
2022-12-16 10:56:17

I believe it was mostly parents and caretakers who cleared and the HTS crew waltzed in to take the credit what an absolute farce. This school should have been a priority not require a campaign from parents and the school before they acted

Julianne Wallis
2022-12-16 11:11:50

As I understand it - HTS only confirmed they would visit after the parents and local residents had already cleared the paths manually. Shame really that this information has been confirmed in this manner and the parents and local residents haven’t been applauded!

2022-12-16 14:31:52

Congratulations to the staff...shame i still can't work out why Sam B bust my chops in on Jean's for Genes Day!

The Moderator
2022-12-16 14:45:23

Bob is correct, ECC responsibility. HTS were asked if they could help with the road and entrance, didn't just waltz in. All should be applauded for being out in up -7 conditions to do this, not criticised!

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