Police bosses funds domestic abuse training sessions

Crime / Thu 15th Dec 2022 at 07:06am

TRAINING sessions to help spot signs of domestic abuse and support those affected are available through the J9 Domestic Abuse Initiative.

The J9 Domestic Abuse Initiative is named in memory of Janine Mundy, who was killed by her estranged husband while he was on police bail. The initiative was started by her family and the local police in Cambourne, Cornwall, where she lived and aims to raise awareness of domestic abuse and assist victims to seek the help they so desperately need.

The free training sessions are designed for everyone and are available to any members of the community. They are intended to raise awareness and increase knowledge and understanding of the warning signs of domestic abuse and how to offer support to those affected.

This year the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner awarded £2,000 for the J9 Initiative from the Crime Prevention Fund.

Roger Hirst, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex, said: “Breaking the cycle of domestic abuse is one of the priorities in our Police and Crime Plan. Working together with partners across the county, our objective is to help those who suffer in silence and reduce the impact on children and families. The J9 training helps people recognise the signs and indicators of domestic abuse and gives victims confidence that they will get the help and support they need. It really is a great initiative and one that we are proud to support.

“Abusers isolate their victims making it difficult, if not impossible, to seek help. By empowering members of the community to know how to react we can ensure that more people have access to the help they need.”

If you would like to attend a J9 training session or would like more information, please contact: [email protected]

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2 Comments for Police bosses funds domestic abuse training sessions:

Mike Dempsey
2022-12-16 12:38:39

The effect on children living in households where domestic abuse is present cannot be underestimated. Quite often male children grow up to be abusers themselves. Resources should also be directed to social services and schools to help identify those at risk. The PFCC and Essex Police should be congratulated for this and other initiatives they have recently announced relating to domestic abuse.

2022-12-19 16:20:11

I've been there, I now have custody of my daughter, she has been with me since she was six yrs old, she's now fifteen, it's not only woman who are victims, us dad's never get mentioned.

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