Harlow MP visits under-fire Lister House to hear of latest improvements

General / Fri 16th Dec 2022 at 01:44pm

UNDER-fire Lister House surgery has been visited by Harlow MP Robert Halfon.

The MP visited the surgery based on Abercrombie way on Friday morning.

A few months ago, the brand new multi-million pound facility was rated “inadequate” by government inspectors, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) following an inspection.

At the inspection, concerns were found relating to staffing levels, waiting times, the management of risks, the storage of medicines and the management of high-risk medicines – all of which were putting patients “at risk of harm” said the report.

As well as being rated inadequate overall following the inspection, the practice was rated inadequate for being safe, effective, responsive to people’s needs and well-led. It was rated good for being caring.

MP Robert Halfon seemed to be impressed.

He said on Twitter: “Pleased to meet with Karen – the Practice Manager at Lister Medical Centre- to discuss the improvements that have been made over the past six months including

  1. The recruitment of two new GPs.
  2. An upgraded phone service to ensure that patients continue to come first

What do you think? Have you noticed an improvement in the quality of service at Lister House? Let us know.

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6 Comments for Harlow MP visits under-fire Lister House to hear of latest improvements:

William Warner
2022-12-16 15:12:27

Lister house is my g p for the last 3 years I have not seen a g p in that time phone at 8 am and round 26 people in front of you so you a application to see a g p the last time I phone I was can fine on our records

2022-12-16 15:32:52

I have been at lister house for 35 years, I have never known it to be so bad. An hour and half to get through on the phone to make an appointment for 4 weeks time. I feel for the staff but this is beyond a joke.

2022-12-16 21:28:06

Absolute nonsense to suggest there have been any improvements at Listermedicalcentre.No matter what day or what time you phone you will be put in an enormous queue,getting an appointment to see your GP is virtually impossible.Why doesn’t Mr Halfon just for once in his career tell the truth instead of trying to portray Harlow as some sort of Conservative wonderland?

2022-12-17 02:49:47

My Grandmother is a widow as of recent days. She has heart problems and can’t get out alone. She has tried, along with the rest of the family to see a GP. NOTHING. That building hasn’t improved the service. Maybe this government should have spent more on the service then the facilities.

2022-12-17 02:52:42

The so called practice manager was only there because the MP for harlow had an appointment

David Forman
2022-12-17 09:56:32

The fact that Robert Halfon is impressed does not impress me. Remember Halfon supported the most disastrous Prime Minister in British history. Halfon told us to give Liz Truss more time! A broken watch has better judgement than Halfon, because at least a broken watch is correct twice every day!

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